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Corona Virus - country lockdowns?

Discussion in 'Take a Break - off topic stuff.' started by mistcoat, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    What with this Corona Virus apparently wreaking havoc across more and more countries now, I'm wondering what will happen here if we get a city or country lockdown.

    Nobody will be going to work to earn their pennies.
    Public Services may suffer; transport, police, fire service, NHS.
    What about the banks? How will you get your money if the banks don't open (plus you won't be allowed out anyway), and the internet spookily packs up. No online banking.

    What if you aren't allowed out? Do you have water and food?
    Sanitary supplies etc?

    What if the Zombies attack?
  2. keef

    keef keef Bar Member

    something i have not really worried about untill now @mistcoat but this could affect all of us like you say
    there is a painter at our firm who is travelling to singapore on holiday next week they have told his wife who works for one of the big banks not to return to work for two weeks after she gets back
    would i feel comfortable if i had to work with this painter on his return no i would not
    its like a modern day leprosy:thumbsdown:
  3. LMDec

    LMDec PPS Craftsman Bar Member

    My best mate is getting married in Italy in August, bet he’s not exactly thrilled at the current situation..Mind you neither am I as it’s my holiday for the year :think:
  4. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    You hear different stories saying it isn't anything to worry about, then others saying it is.
    Is it scaremongering to make people panic buy and stock up on household stuff, masks, sanitising items etc. I see retailers are already ramping up the prices on masks and other possible necessities if the SHTF.
  5. 3 spires

    3 spires I like the no nonsense approach me Bar Member

    My wife has friend with a officer of the law!
    apparently they have been planning for this basically they are working on large areas of the country being locked down ie. no one leaves their house. Not sure if its been put in place but they are working on how to deliver supplies to each household.

    I presume the goverment will pause morgage payments and other bills until this is over, currently I doubt they will be able to stop this it has been on the cards for a while according to experts.
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  6. grumpyvandriver

    grumpyvandriver PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Try getting masks at the moment. No chance unless you want to pay stupid money. They probably only work until their wet from your breath then you will spread it all with your hands after touching your mask.
    It’s probably already here what with 10,000 planes in the air daily which means 1.2 million people travelling in the air taking potentially the virus with them all around the world. I have already had a postponement due to my customers not going on a cruise. I’m due to go on hols in 4weeks, at this point I still intend on going but will make a final decision the week before, 3 weeks is a long time in virus days.
    My wife was talking to a furniture delivery guy today who had been delivering down Pembrokeshire, took 3 piece suite into the house and kids were home, 1 kid said she had been skiing, but mum said inset day at school. They did another delivery 1 mile up the road and HO said that kids were sent home because kids had just come back from skiing in Italy. So the 1st HO didn’t give a fig about the delivery guys, just wanted her 3piece suite. Bitch !
    Just goes to show how easily it will spread.
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  7. Dellboy

    Dellboy PPS Master Craftsman PPS Painter Bar Member

    Over 7000 people tested in the uk, 7 have it !!

    we have over 3000 people die each year in this country due to the flu and common cold, me thinks it’s being blown Way out of Proportion
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  8. grumpyvandriver

    grumpyvandriver PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Hopefully Dellboy your right.
    As long as people are in decent health they should be fine, but if we think the over hype is bad now it’s going to get worse, far worse.
  9. 3 spires

    3 spires I like the no nonsense approach me Bar Member

    My sons school has today had a talk and they have been told about how to help stop its spread and what to do if they or the family is ill, they have been advised to carry antibacterial hand wash or wipes and clean their hands a number of times each day, this has been instructed by the government!

    Its just a worry that it is so infectious if it does get spread it will be rampant.
  10. Wayners

    Wayners Happy to be alive. Bar Member

    This virus is killing people normal flu wouldn't. And it could get worse. Early days but I think its coming at which point our NHS will not cope and more than the 2% ish will die... That's high as it is.
  11. RonyT

    RonyT PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    I'm torn.
    Is China withholding the true numbers and to the seriousness of it ?
    Why have China built X amount of quarantine centres in such a short space of time ?
    Is the media whipping this up to be something it's not ?
    Is Iran's skewed number of contamination vs mortality rate correct ?
    Also, the hot bed for the virus was in China. Whats the link between the new hot bed of Iran and now Italy ? Weird !

    Or, is it just a Flu ?

    More questions than answers, as always.

    Biggest question is...… Should I stock the bunker with a years supply of Dom Perignon '96 or '03 ? (obviously not the non-vintage muck)
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  12. Puma

    Puma PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    It is mostly the old and the young which who die from it generally and of those that get it 20% need intensive care - which is obviously not going to be possible at all if the whole country gets sick. In light of that I would be locking the borders right now I am sorry to say. All it takes is one person to go to a football match and cough and sneeze a bit and for those infected people to start coughing before they are traced and isolated for the epidemic to start.
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  13. Peter Humphreys

    Peter Humphreys "it's a paintbrush, not a wand"! Bar Member

    I am off on a cruise in 10 days time with saga.. as long as they don’t call it off. Can you imagine corona virus in a ship of 700 oap s. One of their ships is steaming towards the canaries as I write.
  14. bagshot

    bagshot PPS Master Craftsman PPS Painter Bar Member

    I have a cruise in June and I am umming and rring at the moment.
    £3500 to pay in 7 days.
    I may take the hit and lose the 200 deposit.
    Hope they don't run of doombar Pete never mind the Corona, don't forget the lime:sarcastic:
  15. Painter16

    Painter16 PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    A lot of diff info being banded about,think just got to carry on as normal unless told other wise,some peps panic like its the end of the world fill the freezer up with 5 years worth of bread ,the only thing I wouldn't do at mo is go abroad ,
    As for zombies tim,have ya ever been to Wolverhampton
  16. Wayners

    Wayners Happy to be alive. Bar Member

    When Thomas Cook went under some holidays still went ahead although customers never knew. They assumed they were canceled and stayed at home so can't get money back now. Also deposits are unclear. You might still have to pay more than just the deposit if you cancel. The advice on money box was to find out what the terms are before you act and maybe just let the insurance deal with it, although some don't take insurance out so haven't got cover. Anyone with a holiday booked needs insurance today. I'd carry on as normal. That's my plan.
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  17. Peter Humphreys

    Peter Humphreys "it's a paintbrush, not a wand"! Bar Member

    I’ve paid the full cost now, but it’s a trip to Liverpool and around Ireland where I shall wave to tomcio, bronco et al.
    Let’s hope they’re serving Guinness in the all inclusive.
  18. barry

    barry PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Possibly the best loss you could ever make B... imo
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  19. lone furrow

    lone furrow Angel of the East

    It is in no doubt that the dark forces of the New World Order are at play here. To fulfil their globalist masterplan they have to have world population under control. As worldwide natural resources deplete at an alarming rate the globalist elite know that by spreading a virus worldwide via air and sea they can slow that rate of depletion down. If you follow the trail this virus is a human made hybrid that mysteriously was allowed to leak from a lab in Wuhan, china.
  20. Dellboy

    Dellboy PPS Master Craftsman PPS Painter Bar Member

    @bagshot & @Peter Humphreys just go and enjoy yourselves, life is too short to worry about what might or might not happen.

    If you heard that a few of you might catch the flu bug, would you cancel ??

    85% of people who get the virus only have a very mild case, a lot of people don't even show any signs of illness.

    The corona virus has been around in this country or the last 40 plus years, you would think the way our snowflake media is reporting this the world is about to end !!

    The Influenza virus is much more wide spread in this country and around the world, and around 10% of people who get it, die from it, less than 2% from the corona bug.

    More chance of @barry winning a high jump world record at the next Olympics than it wiping out us all.

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