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Johnstones aqua gloss

Discussion in 'The Review Centre - reviews of tools & products.' started by bagshot, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. bagshot

    bagshot PPS Master Craftsman PPS Painter Bar Member

    I'm sure there isn't a thread on this,so here goes.I noticed Johnos do two waterbased glosses and i thought these can't both be the same.I brought 2.5 litres of the aqua and flipped the lid,this is where i smelt similarities with farrow and ball gloss alkyd hybrid),same as BL saturra.I did a test area and so far so good.I rang this Johnos tech people and they confirmed what i had summised that aqua was indeed a hybrid and that the other acylic gloss they do is waterbased like Ecosure and Crown waterbased.Tomorrow i am going to ultra prime and apply two coats of aqua gloss on some woodwork.I'll report back tomorrow and tell you what i think.

    Edit: edited title for improved searching, handypainter
  2. mikethebrush

    mikethebrush PPS Master Craftsman

    I was cleaning the van out this week and found a drp of aqua satin , it was very nice to use and covered well
  3. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    Unless it is different from over 18 months ago, I thought it too slow in drying (the u/c). I tried to use it for the builders work which I can usually knock a job out in a day when using 1ct Jono's Ultra or BE123 + 2cts of Crown Int. ac gloss.
    Using Jono's aqua u/c & gloss was taking me into the next day. That was test driven in the warm weather too.

    I have just given nigh on two full cans of it to an Academy school near me to use. Also didn't feel it was as shiny as Crown's w/b gloss.

    JMO :thumbsup:
  4. bagshot

    bagshot PPS Master Craftsman PPS Painter Bar Member

    gonna be a bloody long day for me then as i'm papering the room Friday,still must try it out.
  5. Andrews Decorating

    Andrews Decorating PPS Craftsman Bar Member

    Interesting. Haven't tried the crown acrylic gloss. I've got to go up near CDC land this week - Ill pop in and get a tin.
  6. Bertie

    Bertie PPS Tradesman

    I've often stood there looking at the Acrylic/Aqua gloss wondering what the difference was as I don't use it myself, & if I needed to keep both, look forward to your review Bri.
  7. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member


    Yeah, you gotta give it a go just to form your own opinion, as mine is worth Jack Schitt :hysterical:

    Oh, while your there, Laurie...

    1x5 m/v RAL4010
    2x2.5 Sadolin Superdec 1 gloss and 1 satin - B.white

    Trying to think who's account you can stick it on :whistle:
  8. Andrews Decorating

    Andrews Decorating PPS Craftsman Bar Member

    Is that Telemagenta for personal use Tim?! :artist1:
  9. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    Haha! No, this one could do with another coat.


    Edit: Updating image link :thumbsup:
  10. bagshot

    bagshot PPS Master Craftsman PPS Painter Bar Member

    Okay then here are my findings.After prepping the woodwork mechnically and then a quick wash down i applied a coat Johno's ultra primer with a proform picasso(no better brush for wb) and then left it about a hour with my fan in the room on full.After this had dried i denibbed and applied the aqua gloss.It was easy to apply and didn't run as easy as ecosure.You still have to apply it quickly and you can't play about with It too long.It felt like it had more guts to it than solely waterbased gloss like Crown waterbased or ecosure.After leaving it for a few hours,again with the fan in the room,i returned.Unfortunately it wasn't fully dry,so heres a problem for me.If i'm trying to apply three coats in a day,which i need to be able to do really,then Houston we have a problem.Admitedly the shine after one coat was pretty good although in my opinion it need two coats of gloss.I finally managed to apply the second coat and as the first coat it does go on well.As i had done one room on ecosure the day before i was comparing finishes.I have to say the Johnstones aqua gives a better finish than the ecosure,less brush marks which to me is a major plus.I feel the gloss level has the look of a oil paint about it too.I don't know if this paint has been reformulated as Tim thought it wasn't as shiny as Crown waterbased.So to sum up,i'm very impressed but i'm a little dissapointed that you do struggle to get three coats on in a day,in saying that you would also struggle to get three coats of Sikkens bl on in a day.I also think this when fully cured will be a very hard wearing gloss as it's a alkyd hybrid.I will definately be using this alot more,time permitting.
  11. Pete

    Pete PPS Apprentice

    Interesting to read this.

    Johnstones Aqua Gloss has been my gloss of choice for the last year since I made the move to waterbased. I tried a few WB glosses at the time (not Crown though) and for me the Aqua Gloss gave the best finish, flowing out significantly better than everything else I tried. I’ve been happy with it and never really looked back to OB gloss since.

    I agree about the drying times, and the difficulty to get 3 coats on in a day. It’s just something I accepted to have the quality of finish, and I’ve managed to work around as best I can.

    Having read a bit about Crown WB gloss on this forum, I’m keen to give it a try and see how it compares.
  12. len67

    len67 PPS Time Served

    Just tried my free sample of aqua gloss and i think i could be converted to using it when i can, i havent used an alkyd gloss for years after trying the crap we used to get but this stuff is great, i put it on the inside of a couple of six panel cupboard doors at home which had yellowed with oil based, i primed 1 door with mythic and 1 with johnos multi surface primer and left for a day, no prep either :eek:mgblink:, did a quick scratch test and you couldnt shift the johnos msp, good stuff i think nice price though !, the mythic scratched off easier but im not taking anything away from mythic as its a great primer. Then i put a couple of coats of aqua on (had no undercoat) and the sheen level blew me away to be honest compared to the old waterbased so i think the oils are out the window unless asked for, i agree with bagshot i think 3 coats in 1 day would be pushing it but it gets the :thumbsup: from me.
  13. handypainter

    handypainter PPS Master Craftsman

    Been dying to try the Aqua gloss but everyones requesting eggshell or satin lately :rolleyes:

    Could do with a free sample myself :whistle:
  14. Paint It Now

    Paint It Now PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Been using this all week on an exterior, two coats in a day is easily done... I like it a bit better than Bedec MSP but I pref a satin or matt finish so I normally push for this but client wanted high gloss oil, but as it was my last exterior for the year and I knew I would be rain dodging I managed to get him to agree the Jonno Aqua Gloss.

    I have suffered a little with brush strokes but a good trade off in general. £39.00 for 2.5L is a bit steep though from my local dec store.
  15. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    You need to have a chat about that price :yes:
  16. Puma

    Puma PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Should come up on their Big Red awards occasionally for a good price


    currently they are doing "Buy 5L of Johnstone’s Professional Gloss or Professional Undercoat for only £14.99 ex vat"

    But watch out for a liter of aqua colour it was expensive -even with 25% off.

    Loved the new Aqua too it felt similar to an oil based which was nice.
  17. Dave the Decorator

    Dave the Decorator PPS Craftsman

    Im in the big red not sure why though i get 40% atm 5ltr of aqua cost me £25 +vat (£30) :thumbsup:

    I do like the aqua UC and have now stopped using the Johncryl
  18. dropcloth

    dropcloth PPS Apprentice

    Nice price for the aqua Dave,I used redlinebss(.co.uk) at depot was getting charged £30 for a bucket of covaplus redline were £20.64 inc local price matched it for me though,free delivery as well.I'm £34.55 for the aqua but I'll start using it more then hit them for a discount.

    I dread to think what it would have been without the price match.If any of you guys want cheap covaplus with free delivery and great service try www.redlinebss.co.uk I'll still use them simply because they offer great prices without having to ask and haggle with the depot.Put in the code REDLINE10 at checkout and get 10% off your first order,free delivery for orders over £60 ex vat.I'll be ordering more from them del is 2 days from order with the end of the year looming prices usually take an upward spike so I will be placing a decent order in.
  19. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    Some good prices there, dropcloth. But like all prices, some are good for me, some are not. Shame their tool range is fat hog.
    Their C+ v/m prices are cheaper on the whites :thumbsup:

    Which is stupid as we all buy an abundance of white emulsion from the trade centres, but can always get trade named white emulsions cheaper elsewhere online. That's how I see it anyway.
  20. bagshot

    bagshot PPS Master Craftsman PPS Painter Bar Member

    Just thought i'd vent my frustrations with johno's aqua gloss fekin ruining my picassos and putting them out of shape.I love the gloss but not not the fact it's costing me a tenner to ditch a picasso after use :headwall:sort it out johnos or i'll be looking for another gloss.

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