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One for you Bedec fans out there

Discussion in 'The Pit Stop - General Paint Discussion.' started by Paint It Now, May 9, 2013.

  1. Paint It Now

    Paint It Now PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Hi Guys,

    I like Bedec, but I have only used the MSP range, I'm looking to try out the Bedec Aqua-Advanced Satin... a few questions for those that have used the new advanced satin.

    1. Is the sheen level high for a satin?

    2. Is it any good in your opinion?

    3. Have you tried over oil base without priming?

    I know this is a 2-3 system with the undercoat but want to knock it down to two coats after a full prep of existing oil trim and ditch the primer. I personally don't like shiney surfaces, my client wants a satin low sheen finish..

    I would have gone for Bedec MSP soft white.. (that stuff is flatter than a hat that been flattend by something big) but feel it's too flat for the clients needs and that can be a 3 coat system sometimes making my life a pain... lots of spindles to do & trim etc but no doors to do.

  2. CCG

    CCG PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    The Bedec Satin has a very low sheen level, it should be called Bedec Matt!!

    Have not tried straight over oil. Always use coverstain when applying w/b over oil.
    One thing i can tell you with the Bedec, it will be a 3 coat system. Whether you use the primer and 2 topcoats. Or coverstain/similar and 2 topcoats.

    We recently refurbished a hairdressing salon with heavy footfall. They use the upstairs of the salon as a training area for students (over 100 of them).

    We had used the gloss before and liked the product, but i was very unsure as to whether this w/b system would stand the amount of abuse that would come with the tight stairwells and bannisters. I was worried, but as the client was adamant he wanted w/b, we went with it.

    Went back the other day to put up some extra wallpaper and was pleasantly surprised and very happy that this product has tested to be very tough & durable.:thumbsup:

    Far from being an expert on water based systems, its thanks to forums like PPS to give that initial insight and courage to try new products!!
  3. CheshireDecorator

    CheshireDecorator PPS Master Craftsman PPS Painter Bar Member

    Yes bedec advance satin is really good and tough (its enamel) personaly think its got the right finish for a satin. If you want two coat product id use Alcro I've tested it with two coats and its perfect! If you go with the bedec id suggest 1bedec uc an two satin. Dulux WB satin is a two coat system but no where near as tough as bedec imo
  4. Paint It Now

    Paint It Now PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Cheers, Mmmm,,,mmm choices, choices. I love Bedec so I may get some and test first I like to get the best finish I can even if it does mean an extra day's work for nothing!!, not used the Alcro but heard great reports.

    I will let you know.
  5. Paint It Now

    Paint It Now PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    It's stories like this that help make my mind up.. the Bedec MSP is cracking stuff but the white is thin.. I like the sound of a flat satin.. it's still satin right?:smile: so my client gets what they want:smile: 3 kids running up and down 4 flights of stairs I need a great product... so might go the 3 coat route anyway and stick with the Bedec. Jonno's satin W/B would of been my next choice but it cruds the brushes up too quickly.

    The house is getting Little Greene Intelligent Matt on the walls.

  6. Bobbones

    Bobbones PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Not cheap....but I would go Alcro.I did on SAMs recommendation,:thumbsup:
    what you spend in paint you save in labour. two coats and you are done. I used it over well prepped ob eggshell ,It really is a great paint, my turn to wb satin.Also like bl but that would be 3 coats, 1 primer 2 top. Really like the bl primer, tested it against mythic and it was a fair bit tougher...:yes:
  7. yiannistr007

    yiannistr007 PPS Craftsman

    Basic question - but I've never even heard of or seen Alcro? Is that the full name of it? Or are you referring to Acrylic? Pretty confused. Typed it into google and not much actually coming up for it. Who sells it? Sounds like interesting stuff.........
  8. CheshireDecorator

    CheshireDecorator PPS Master Craftsman PPS Painter Bar Member


    very good paint mate, lots of people use there paint on handpainted furniture and handpainted kitchens :thumbsup:
  9. CheshireDecorator

    CheshireDecorator PPS Master Craftsman PPS Painter Bar Member

    ha ha ive just noticed im on there website

  10. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    I always knew you were the only decorator in Cheshire :winky:
  11. CheshireDecorator

    CheshireDecorator PPS Master Craftsman PPS Painter Bar Member

    yes but if you go on my twitter account you will see that was me :tongue:
  12. handypainter

    handypainter PPS Master Craftsman

    You should ask for a link to your website or Twitter account for that :winky:

    No charge for that advice by the way :sarcastic:

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