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Painted AVL loom

Discussion in 'Showcase - show us your work.' started by acmasterpainter, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. acmasterpainter

    acmasterpainter PPS Master Craftsman

    This is a bit out there, but my dear designer wife decided that when we moved home recently, her all-singing all-dancing AVL loom (if Wooster made looms...) had to be colourised in order to inspire her creative juices while at work.


    Luckily she is an arty type with an engineer's brain, so she dissembled it and masked up any immovable metalwork. She also had the colours in her head as she organised them in painting piles. If you are good at sudoku you might be able to see the logic. I'm no good at sudoku so Im glad she was there!

    It started life as beech that had been clear lacquered, so it was cleaned down with wet n dry, tack ragged, and primed with 2 coats of Mythic universal primer, sanded between coats. I used a Sata 1000 RP gun with a 1.6mm tip and around 22psi Once cured, the latex Mythic primer is rather robust.

    There are 5 Little Greene colours.


    In theory the painted elements aren't working parts as such. Or rather, some move but don;t rub. Anything that rubbed against something else was left clear lacquer. (As you can tell I am well up with the technical lingo!)

    I decided on Little Greene Ultimatt plus 2 coats of Polyvine decorators varnish. The thinking being, if it does get knocked hard, eggshell would mark, whereas the varnish will be the sacrificial coat and the colour would have more chance of staying intact.

    Assembling it was quite the event, suffice to say, we are still married and only a couple of pieces were nicked.

    It is quite the working piece of art now, and technically, it is holding up as hoped. A nice factory quality finish with a non plastic look.


    Maybe this year I will get my lime green silk suit, unless one of you gets an order in first!
  2. acmasterpainter

    acmasterpainter PPS Master Craftsman

    I forgot to mention, doing this evenings and weekends I was dead on my feet, and then she says, show me how to spray, I'll help out. She picked up on all the adjustments and procedures straightaway which I thought was rather disturbing, seeing as it took me loads of experimenting to understand it inside out. Turns out she did spraying as part of an aircraft mechanics course in a previous life. Anyway, a lot of the colour is therefore her work, and it is annoyingly spot on!
  3. TradeDecoratingSupplies

    TradeDecoratingSupplies PPS Master Craftsman

    Oh I get it now i wondered what you meant when you said for one of the looms lol!

    Looks great, love the colours
  4. acmasterpainter

    acmasterpainter PPS Master Craftsman

    you are supplying stuff for all sorts of fun projects :thumbsup:
  5. TradeDecoratingSupplies

    TradeDecoratingSupplies PPS Master Craftsman

    There's things I want to buy, fell in love with one of the vintage kimono cushions, and I'm torn between the eye candy and bohemian handbags. Well I want them all TBH lol
  6. Colour Republic

    Colour Republic PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Some peice of kit! and I like your thinking re the finish. That really is some task. Nice one:good2:

    So come on how much did you charge her? and how many nuts and bolts were you left over with at the end with no where to go?
  7. acmasterpainter

    acmasterpainter PPS Master Craftsman

    I have just been given a rueful smile - there's maybe a couple!

    yes, a task, and, yes it wont be done again!!!!!!!

    probably a couple of grands worth of work in the real world, but a good celebration meal is just as rewarding
  8. kirk

    kirk PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Thats really nice bit of different type of work nice job dude
  9. Colour Republic

    Colour Republic PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    She's behind you isn't she:hysterical:
  10. Welsh Decorator

    Welsh Decorator PPS Master Craftsman

    Nice little project there Andy, the colours are very much personal choice, but the Pollyvine varnish is just superb stuff. :thumbsup:

    What is the loom used to produce? What's it's history? All off topic I know, but a little resume will slip past Super Mod's! :hysterical:
  11. lee decor

    lee decor PPS Tradesman

    Its looming marvellous, Nice piece of kit & work & oh the hours, the only thing I can add to what's been said is what are you like at making cushions & design & the like Andy?
    Next it will be mmmm these woosters are a good brush & this mythics not bad too where's the van keys darling. Watch it Andy they are a cunning lot:smile:
  12. acmasterpainter

    acmasterpainter PPS Master Craftsman

    ditto polyvine, cant complain ever.

    re the loom it is an AVL 16 shaft mechanical dobby with a fly shuttle that can weave up to 60" wide fabric, made in USA and brought over with our last bunch of belongings, originally from West coast I believe. Luckily second hand about 25 years old, else if it were new, I would typing this from work, trying to pay it off before I retired!

    this is an example of what Ingrid weaves in merino/silk http://liloultd.com/ and since the spring she has been weaving in silk. she had about 2 weeks weaving training then since has taught herself the mechanical and technical stuff. Blows my mind watching her string the loom up, maybe a day of pulling each thread through and tieing it off for a 24 inch wide scarf. She is regularly asked to put together interior colour schemes for home owners and deccies lost in colour space, (which kind of gets this back on topic:smile: and later this year I believe she will be using this loom to make her own custom fabric for interiors. I tease her that I want a woven lilac pimp suit, and i suspect that maybe one day it will be hanging up- in bib n brace format.
  13. Welsh Decorator

    Welsh Decorator PPS Master Craftsman

    Now I know, she is not in the same room, and more to the point, so long as it's not croch less, you might, only might get away with it! :hysterical::hysterical::hysterical::hysterical:
  14. lee decor

    lee decor PPS Tradesman

    Very nice Ingrid, sorry I didn't let my other half have a look. If she got an eye full of those bags that's my tool money out the window:smile:
  15. Aggie

    Aggie PPS Master Craftsman

    Excellent work again Andy.

    I too like the thinking of the matt & varnish over. The polyvine is super for that as well. I assume you used the gun for all the painting yeah?

    I have been thinking of buying a little gravity gun to add to my set up. is this one you brought back from the States?
  16. acmasterpainter

    acmasterpainter PPS Master Craftsman

    Yes, all sprayed up with the sata, no it is from UK. The gun was recommended to me by Flints theatrical chandlers as a good all round compressor driven spray gun. Their set and film design clients use them, so that was good enough for me.

    They supplied very smart "disposable" quick change pots, so you just prep 5 pots of colour in advance, spray one colour, remove pot, spray off the little bit of residue in the gun, replace with new colour pot, a couple of squeezes and the pure colour is flowing again.

    You can seal up the pots and label them for future reference. As you probably know, it is the system used in car body shops to ensure future touch ups are dead accurate.

    The trickiest part was painting odd shaped components. :dunno: But you get around things after doing something 5 or 6 times!
  17. josephandson

    josephandson PPS Time Served

    That is some classy work Andy, really show off your skills:good2:
  18. Colour Republic

    Colour Republic PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    You know what i've been looking at them as a supplier for a little while now but never get round to placing an order.

    How did you find them be interested to know mate
  19. acmasterpainter

    acmasterpainter PPS Master Craftsman

    Alasdair Flint is a top bloke, even did a youtube vid to demo that the first gun i was thinking of buying (Sata 100) could spray the acrylic gesso. He knows his painting and spraying and way more than that. He is the TDS of the film set painters world:smile:
  20. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    At this point I'd like to say:
    Moderators at PPS would like to cease your membership at this point, but are happy for your Wife to take over your membership from this post onwards. :winky:

    That is a nice project, Mr C and hat of to you both. Nice to see Polyvine come into the project. It is a fantastic hard wearing product to put into our armoury.

    Remember you talking about the SATA set up from Flints.

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