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proform picasso v wooster ftp

Discussion in '"TooledUp" - Tools/Materials of the Trade.' started by mikethebrush, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. mikethebrush

    mikethebrush PPS Master Craftsman

    I while ago Iwas given a wooster ftp by Bertie to try , it was a big leap forward for me after my purdies and hamilton, I had to learn to use it and have yet to be disapointed, its a cracking brush

    I got some picassos from Bertie and after hearing so much about them I was looking forward to using them, I wasnt disapointed they were as good as everyone claim but............

    having got them in from the van today to clean them they are virtually identical to the ftp

    only differences I can see are the ftp has a slightly flatter beavertail and a smaller chamfer on edges but that makes no fifference to the feel of the brush and the pins that hold the ferrules rust on the picasso and dont on the ftp, the business end is different colours but otherwise identical

    one claim proform make is the brushes can be washed out and dont run with water when turned upside down, the ftp doesnt run either

    in a blind test you wouldnt be able to tell them apart
  2. Colour Republic

    Colour Republic PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    I think we'd all like some more opinions. In which case Bertie's got some posting to do :winky:
  3. Designanddecor

    Designanddecor PPS Master Craftsman PPS Painter Bar Member

    That's handy, I've got a load of ftp's, save me buying the picassos to try! In my opinion the FTP is a very good brush, it also cleans out much better than the alphas.
  4. mikethebrush

    mikethebrush PPS Master Craftsman

    Ive yet to try the alphas and silvertips but will do

    my sis in law in america went into lowes which is a home improvement depot and asked for a professional brush , they sold her a 3" wooster jaguar for wall work, thats a nice brush but not as nice as the ftp and she was shown some funny short handled brushes for trim , she didnt know if I painted trim so didnt get one but did get me an 1"angled sash as she knew I painted windows so I now have another as which is good

    I will pick up some short cuts while Im out there

    dont misunderstand me Im not saying picassos are no good, in fact its the opposite , if you read my review of the ftp I really rated the ftp . so with picassos being hard to come by without paying paintstore prices ftp are just as good and available from Brewers
  5. Designanddecor

    Designanddecor PPS Master Craftsman PPS Painter Bar Member

    Do you have to order in Wooster brushes at your brewers or do they actually stock them? My local branch sell the pelican and claim they can't get anything else!
  6. mikethebrush

    mikethebrush PPS Master Craftsman

    depends on the branch, my branch apparantly have them out the back as they didnt sell when they were on the display

    it would be worth pming Bertie and see what she can do for you
  7. Colour Republic

    Colour Republic PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    I think Wooster have a minimum charge or they add substantial carriage, so unless a store sells enough of them they don't stock 'em. Hence why some brewers have them and others don't.
  8. Designanddecor

    Designanddecor PPS Master Craftsman PPS Painter Bar Member

    Fortunately I stocked up at the p&d show on ftp's. I am almost tempted to go for a holiday in the US just out of frustration of everything I want only being available there. Even the decorations I wanted for my sons birthday cake were only available in America! :headwall:
  9. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    I heard you don't do skirting either :winky:

    Back OT :whistle:

    I like the one FTP brush I have, mike. But have never noticed it being similar to the Picasso. Good work, sir :thumbsup:

    My local Brewers don't stock anything Wooster. Hard pushed to get him to get anything in, bless him. I'll have to convince him now, as a lot of you have a Brewers who stock Wooster.
    Cheers again, mike.
  10. Andrews Decorating

    Andrews Decorating PPS Craftsman Bar Member

    Canterbury Brewers have Wooster brushes in stock for twice what any sane person would pay for them!
  11. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    I was in there two weeks ago and saw them. I couldn't interest them in my Picasso's at all.
    Didn't think to ask their Wooster prices. It's still a better store than Scratchingbournes one :yes:
  12. lee decor

    lee decor PPS Tradesman

    Was given a wooster ftp 3inch from bertie :doff: used only a couple of times as it's alittle big & heavy once fully loaded but was impressed to be tempted to get some in a smaller size. Then came the picasso's, the 2 & 2.5 oval for cutting in a lid super quick super straight JP style. Most impressed I tried 1.5 & 2 in oil, most impressed & 1.5 is my main trim cutting brush & they are very impressive in the dark paint also. Then came the proform ERGO'S once you have gotten use to holding them they are superb in both oil & water. Some ways alot better than the picasso some ways not. for cutting water or oil in on trim picasso wins but laying off the ergo wins hands down & the ergo's cut sharper but slower on mully, doors ergos all the way too. Whilst having loads of alpha's & pro's all great brushes & IMO far better than any purdy they haven't been used in awhile due to the proform pics & ergos the best brushes by far. As with paint & kit we should keep testing when we can & these brushes are young & still being tested.
  13. mikethebrush

    mikethebrush PPS Master Craftsman


    If god intended me to spend my life painting skirtings he wouldnt have given me such shapely legs
  14. mikethebrush

    mikethebrush PPS Master Craftsman


    are the ergos a different bristle

    I wanted to try the oval picasso as thats the one jp rated for cutting in mully but there werent any left

    Im going to try the picassos and ftp in oil as I have a feeling they would be good from the feel of the bristle plus a few comments I have been reading

    as you say its early days but it all looks promising, we have a lot to thank Bertie for on the wooster and proform front
  15. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    I got a wafting that something is afoot with our favourite brushes of the moment.

    ................................ :winky:
  16. mikethebrush

    mikethebrush PPS Master Craftsman

    I think the demand is there for them and its only a small percentage of deccies who have tried them, wait till the rest try them, there will be pics in every deccies kit
  17. andyrolls

    andyrolls PPS Craftsman Bar Member

    The Pics are so last year luvvies, :whistle:
  18. lee decor

    lee decor PPS Tradesman

    Mike they are a different bristle to me they seem softer then the pics as said sharper but slower cut in mully & in oil they r good to cut but a great combo in cut in with a pic & flop on & lay off with an ergo. The finish they leave in oil in spray like no its not me its the ergo's im sure:smile:
  19. brushmark

    brushmark PPS Tradesman

    ive been using a picasso for a while now good flow, cutting an coverage. i have an chinex ftp on the way so am looking forward to trying it out. tj belfield posted a vid on google+ claiming the wooster is better so i ordered one. cant wait for it to arrive along with my festool ro 90. with some silver tips ive not used yet i think im ready to take on the world of water based with this kit.
  20. mikethebrush

    mikethebrush PPS Master Craftsman

    Im pleased its not just me that thinks so, sometimes you feel as if your swimming against the tide and it would be easier just too agree with everyone else

    I havent used the pics enough to say the ftp is a better brush but I think the ftp is the benchmark to beat

    so if tj thinks so then theres something to think about

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