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Wagner XVLP 3500

Discussion in 'Spray Painting' started by Dan Baker, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. Dan Baker

    Dan Baker PPS Tradesman

  2. DecMedway

    DecMedway PPS Apprentice

    Hi, I bought one of these a couple of months ago. I've used it with emulsion doing ornate cornices and it was brilliant. Not too much overspray and is easy to control the spraying. I've also sprayed Zinsser BIN with it and again faultless. I would say it's worth the money if it's going to get the usage. The only bad point I would say is the weight. It's slightly on the heavy side but the handle is big enough to manage to use with 2 hands when doing larger area for longer periods.
  3. Colour Republic

    Colour Republic PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    To be fair 1 louvre door does it to anybody!
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  4. Colour Republic

    Colour Republic PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

  5. Paint It Now

    Paint It Now PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

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  6. mick partington

    mick partington PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    thing is wanting one and needing one are 2 different things:smile:
  7. Gazza

    Gazza PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Anyone got one or used one of these wagner 115? Its says for the diyer but looks a bit in between diy and pro
  8. CheshireDecorator

    CheshireDecorator PPS Master Craftsman PPS Painter Bar Member

    I want one, may sell me graco handheld, though sumet up with it so needs fixing :sad:
  9. Dan Baker

    Dan Baker PPS Tradesman

    I was thinking the same as gazza... Too good to be true?
  10. Colour Republic

    Colour Republic PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    I think they are DIY/Handyman grade but that's all it needs to be sometimes. Donkeys ago I bought an Earlex DIY HVLP http://www.screwfix.com/p/earlex-hv5500-hvlp-650w-professional-paint-sprayer-220-240v/50944 I paid £120 at the time and it got me out of trouble at short notice. I used it every now and again, maybe 3-6 months between uses and it was fine. It was still working fine when I threw it out, I needed the space at the time and it owed me nothing. I still recommend it to people now if they need a dirt cheap HVLP and don't expect too much.

    I think that's where this Wagner range sits, a dirt cheap airless that if you don't expect it to be a workhorse using it day in day out, it will serve you fine.

    They have 2 others in the range, the 117 and 119, both under £500

    That 115 version would pay for itself in 1-2 jobs easy. I wouldn't want to paint a whole house with it, but the odd room or the odd set of doors it's perfect for given it's price. Well it looks it anyway.
  11. Colour Republic

    Colour Republic PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Ring a dedicated spray supplier Dan and ask, I find most that i've spoken to really helpful. Explain what you want it for, give them your budget and they'll tell you the best suited brand/model.

    I don't think Spraystore/Brewers show it but i'm sure they'd get it in for you. At what price remains to be seen but at least with Spraystore you can get a demo of it and see if it's right. (Although if it's not a model they carry I don't know if they'd demo it?)
  12. Colour Republic

    Colour Republic PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Yeah my FF has stopped taking a charge to the batteries, to say i'm upset is an understatement.
  13. CCG

    CCG PPS Master Craftsman

    Was told to stay clear of the handheld a good few years ago.
    Bet if you actually counted how many hrs usage you actually got before buying you'd be surprised

    Wagner in the video looks very plastic, would probably last a few months. That's why they say DIY, they are not intended to be used much

    Waste of money, if your going to invest spend your money wisely, it will pay dividends in he end.

    Still got the very first sprayer we bought, Graco St Max nearly 10 years ago.
    At one point misting 5 houses a day. Had it serviced once (cost £80) still going strong
  14. dimmaz88

    dimmaz88 PPS Master Craftsman

  15. mick partington

    mick partington PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    im thinking off buying one off these iv got 4 staircases in a few weeks 180 4ft spindles each iv already got a wagner wallperfect w687e which iv used on 1 staircase but found it blows to much [overspray] for my liking very diy like an hoover/blower, do you think i would benefit from one of these airless sprayers want it mainly for trim but that input pipe looks a bit big for smaller quantities ? but looks a great price for a more professional piece of kit.
  16. 3 spires

    3 spires I like the no nonsense approach me Bar Member

    Yes I would like to hear your thoughts or mini review on this airless kit, I have some log cabins to spray and thinking about a purchase!
    Thanks in advance:thumbsup:
  17. Dan Baker

    Dan Baker PPS Tradesman

    I sent a lot of time "umming and arring" over what to buy and i finally bought the Wagner 3500 xvlp. Purely on storage space in the shed.

    My first impression was 'oh, i appear to have bought a bunch of carp' ... but ... it was the first time i'd used it (standard spray gun) With Allcoat exterior, and i hadn't really given it the time for the experiment job i had at hand. Namely painting a wooden gate for my parents farm yard. But on the second coat, i had a bit more time, twiddled with the dials a bit more, and really got it running nice, and all to soon, the gate was done. Top coat went on a treat too.

    Used it today with the fine spray gun and did some new 6 panel (cheap) doors with mcphearsons acrylic eggshell (thinned with 5-10% water, gun setting to 8 paint, 7 air) and they really looked factory. They were all lined up (concertina) in the customers empty garage. Really happy with the results. Not sure if i would do a door in situe, but would have no issue doing a rad. Very controllable.

    I like this.
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  18. tjbelfield

    tjbelfield Decor1st.com PPS Painter Bar Member

    Your fine in situe properly masked up, use mine for single rooms mainly but on staircases iv started spraying all skirts, architraves and spindles with the XVLP then for the doors i use the airless either outside or make a temp spry booth with pu film. Cant be doing with the mess the airless makes on its own plus Sikkens BL Satura through the airless on trim is fekking impossible.
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  19. Gazza

    Gazza PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Been into my local brewers today and had a good chat with the lads about the wagner xvlp 3500 and they were full of praise for it, nearly bought one but thought I would ask my brothers instead for there thoughts and comments as the guys in Brewers are nice enough but not deccies. Having sprayed airless a tiny bit over my 30 year career, why should I ditch the brushes and buy this kit. I can see running wb trim finish through it to get a good finish but what about the other things it will give me. I'm a bit old school thinking that by the time you have masked up and cleaned out the spray equipment you could have got a coat on anyway. Make me see different. Does the way you work change, i.e doing trim first then walls or do you do walls first then mask up and do trim?
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  20. Dan Baker

    Dan Baker PPS Tradesman

    Here's my first Staircase.
    Fine spray. Air at 8, Paint at 9. 10% Thinned Dulux QD Satinwood.

    2 coats, total spraying time 1 hr 40 mins.

    (please note the PVA in the background is not mine!:smile: )

    Attached Files:

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