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Another YouTube vid...

Discussion in 'Showcase - show us your work.' started by mistcoat, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    ... I have just finished. I have yet to buy the Pro version of Animoto which it is created on and will enable you to make longer video's of your work.

    Hope you like  :thumbup:

  2. RCP

    RCP PPS Tradesman Bar Member

    Good job! I don't have the pro either, but I may buy it to use at school too for class projects. I think the free version works just fine. I like your music choice!

    Interior Painting
  3. Colour Republic

    Colour Republic PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    funny enough I was just messing with this software, looks good but kinda useless in anything other than high res, do you know if the high-res version is pro only? or do you get that when you pay the on off $3 fee per vid? Pro account is a little too much money unless you are making vids day in day out.

    Here is my little play for bathroom installations, took all of 2 minutes, i wanted to see how east it was before editing it

  4. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    I stated I wanted the Pro version - WRONG!
    I meant to say the All Access version... like you say CR, Pro version is okay if you do vids day in, day out. The All Access is only $30 p.a. as opposed to the $249 p.a Pro.

    I think you only get DVD quality with the Pro V. but it is $5 for a high res vid.
    It's good for what I want. It is just another little clip-ad to point ppl too on YT. All the quality pics will be on my website for clearer viewing.

    Best of all the Basic version is free and as RCP says, free works just fine for a 30 second clip-ad which helps to create organic links on Google pointing to your site.
    That is right, isn't it RCP  :scratchhead:

    I love that tune RCP, don't you. Makes me go all gooey and homely  :biggrin:

    Your clip has turned out good too, CR. Nice work!
    It is a brilliant piece of kit isn't it,,, hi or low res  :yes:
  5. Colour Republic

    Colour Republic PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    :dancechewy: got a voucher for a free full length vid from animoto, couldn't turn them down could I? bit of a sucker though as i upgraded it to HD, turned out OK i think...

    won't let me embed the vid straight in here, html must be disabled.. so a link instead :thumbup:

  6. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    You do some real nice stuff CR  :yes:
    I like the way you have took a close-up of the wallpaper and to follow up with the paper hung on the wall. Nice idea, nice effect for the vid and works well.

    All in all, that looks worth the $30 fee plus paying for HQ. The HQ certainly makes a difference as you commented on an earlier post, normal quality isn't that great, but it works and is acceptable for ''advertising'' purposes. Animoto want you to pay so normal quality will be pants won't it?

    I'm gonna have to use my voucher too now  :thumbsup:
  7. mrjoseleite

    mrjoseleite PPS Tradesman

    great vid CR, I'll have to get something going for myself

    i do have two videos but they are nothing as good as that, i guess i need to learn to take some photos first.
  8. Colour Republic

    Colour Republic PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Thanks again MC :thumbsup:
    Yeah the close up of the wallpaper shots came about because I knew the room shots weren't picking up the detail of grasscloths but then I figured it works quite well with all wallpapers, so yeah i think it's a nice effect.

    I'm not even sure I would pay for the $30 account, unless you intend to make 10 vids or more a year (which is quite easy to do I suppose), as you can pay $3 per full length vid then $5 for the HD upgrade.

    Edit: Paragraph removed as requested by poster.
  9. Colour Republic

    Colour Republic PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    I have the camera with me at all times now! it really does help, I take pics before, during and after. Some of the larger jobs I have over 1000 pics of per job! Got to love digital. OK it's a pain sorting through them but comes in really handy for self promotion, I keep meaning to post a couple of blogs on stages but not got round to it

    My first play with vids were quite poor! I set up a YouTube account which I can no longer remember the log in details, I started messing with videos and they really are a bore fest

    This one was a particular low point
    Remove Socket

    and this wasn't much better, no point in trying to skip through as it really doesn't get any better :hysterical:

    Hanging your first drop
  10. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    It is only saddo's like us that watch them vids with interest all the way thru  :whistle:
    I enjoyed the ''first length'' one. I wanna go to work now after watching it.

    My only question, and I will get trounced with this I'm sure...
    Why no overalls?
    Bib n Braces or a leather tool holster are good for storing tools. Tho' you didn't look like you needed a pouch either way.
    Not knocking what you are doing at all, just an observation.  :thumbsup:

    p.s. stop looking at the camera when you walk towards it  :lol:
  11. Colour Republic

    Colour Republic PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    I know it's a bit of a poor show really, although i do have a excuse as rubbish as it may sound.

    We're normally wearing company t-shirts and b-n-b tied round the waist (opps) but on that job it was roasting and it was the middle of winter! the apartment had a south facing glass curtain wall so even though it was cold it was like a green house in there, the apartment had air con but it was drawing moisture out of the paper far too quick so it was better it being warm with high humidity than cool and dry.

    That paper was a nightmare!!! It was cole and son which after losing 2 or 3 drops, I needed to find a way to hang it, I tried various type pastes with little effect, in the end  I found it needed to be booked for at least 30mins each drop not the 5/10 as sugested by C&S :censored:
  12. MND

    MND PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    I did think that too but I don't always push my lads to wear whites especially on commercial stuff. Those steps would have to go in the skip though I'm afraid  :hysterical:
  13. Colour Republic

    Colour Republic PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    I knew that was coming! :headwall:
  14. mrjoseleite

    mrjoseleite PPS Tradesman

    just finished a job today involving some wallpapering, took along the camera to get some photos and guess what? forgot to take the memory card so i didnt get any photos. not a happy chap. 

    Luckily I will be doing some more work for that customer in the next few weeks so will take the photos then.

  15. mrjoseleite

    mrjoseleite PPS Tradesman

    BTW I dont wear whites as I just dont like it very much. I do have however company polos and combat style trousers with loads of handy pockets. looks smart enough and comfy too.
  16. Colour Republic

    Colour Republic PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Decided to give another video slideshow software a go, as I thought it could work out quite expensive for just a few vids here and there at $250 for the year with Animoto. So gave Flixtime a go as you can sign up on a monthly basis for a PRO account. (I now realise you can also do this with animoto but didn't think you could, so maybe they have just changed it :dunno:) anyway I'm quite happy with the results. And just as easy to use as animoto but gives you control over each transition even if it is slightly backwards in how you do that.

    The free basic account lets you do 60 sec video but I jumped straight in and bought the Pro resellers account for a month at $50 as it has HD output as standard and no branding. Now i've just gotta start putting loads of vid together before it runs out!

    Mural Arstist Brighton and Hove
  17. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    That work was the bizzo, CR.
    I love the skulls on the walls. Were these on projects in Brighton?

    I'll have a look at Flixtime, it does just the job. Cheers for the pointer  :thumbup:
  18. Colour Republic

    Colour Republic PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    No not all of them, some were done in offices & hotels and one of them was for a famous actress in and around Brighton but the Skull one was done in the London 'Graphic Bar' which has sadly just been painted over as it goes, they change the decor every 6 months or so and the new one is done by the artist Ben Erin (made famous recently as David Cameron gave Barack Obama some of his artwork as an offical state gift)
  19. mikethebrush

    mikethebrush PPS Master Craftsman


    very impressive, ive learned to expect excellance from you but youve raised the bar yet again on interior decorating

    and yes you can quote me in your marketing
  20. Aggie

    Aggie PPS Master Craftsman

    Excellent stuff there Rob.:thumbsup: Thanks for sharing. Do you get quite a bit of mural work? The Tiger reminds me of Orivida print I once had.

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