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Anthracite and white solid oak kitchen

Discussion in 'Showcase - show us your work.' started by Michael W, Apr 2, 2021.

  1. Michael W

    Michael W PPS Tradesman

    Here is a refinish of a very old solid oak kitchen we completed last week, customer wanted a white and anthracite finish in 35% we also completed the utility cupboards in white too.

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  2. cpb

    cpb PPS Tradesman

    You've done it again, awesome job :doff:Love the finish and the colour.Your work rate is pretty crazy too, how many of you are there?
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  3. Daf

    Daf PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Great job again @Michael W ,i do like Anthracite and white anyway, looks really nice, I bet the owners are happy :thumbsup:
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  4. ahenrypd

    ahenrypd PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Fantastic job again. Hinges could do with updating (probably not your decision).

    Do you have to send your customers out for the day if you have spraying to do in the house?
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  5. Buckers

    Buckers PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Really nice work @Michael W, what a difference it makes to the way the whole room looks.

    Is that the solvent based finish again?
  6. Michael W

    Michael W PPS Tradesman

    Hi @cpb thank you, there are only 2 of us, we try to get 2- 3 in a week but are slowing the kitchens down now as we are gearing up external on site when the weather changes.

    Thanks @Daf yes they are very very happy, so much so that they asked me to spray an oak side table for them on refit day last Friday, just about to head out the door to deliver it now.

    Thanks @ahenrypd yes the hinges definitely could do with updating but the customers wanted to keep them, we offered to clean them all up or spray them but they insisted they stayed mucky so that they blend in better. Yes we generally ask the customers to go out for the day while we do the insite spray but we put a bag within the room and seal all doors up.

    Thanks @Buckers it has made an enormous difference to the whole room, yes solvent again, we are so much more productive with solvent as the flash off times are so quick.
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  7. Gary scott

    Gary scott Tradesman Bar Member

    2/3 a week . That’s very very very quick
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  8. Tomcio

    Tomcio Brush Navigator Bar Member

    Beautiful job.
    2—3 /week
    Is the week 5 days?
    Has the other fella 6 arms?:rolleyes::biggrin:
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  9. 3 spires

    3 spires I like the no nonsense approach me Bar Member

    Very Nice again @Michael W, what do you use for extraction with the solvent fumes?
  10. Michael W

    Michael W PPS Tradesman

    Thank you gents you're comments are very much appreciated.

    @Tomcio I wish he had got 6 arms then we fit another one in :winky:
    We generally have 2-3 in at a time and try to keep a constant rotation we aim to have fitted back in no more than 7 days but when we have big ones in and furniture and loads of uPVC windows in from the local manufacturer it can sometimes be 10 days at a push.

    Thanks @3 spires on site we use an atex 12inch extractor from powerstar, does the job very nicely, good amount of suction and extraction while being small enough to manoeuvre easily. Back at the workshop we have a good size spray booth with an extraction chest.
    Here is the small side table that we finished and delivered back today to the same customer.

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  11. RonyT

    RonyT PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Very nice work again @Michael W. Love that colour too.

    I'm normally 5-6 days a kitchen depending on size from taking it to bits to refit.
    I just can not understand how some firms have a 3 day turn around.

    Are we missing a trick ?
  12. Michael W

    Michael W PPS Tradesman

    Thank you @RonyT means a lot buddy.

    Yes I am exactly the same I have no idea how it can be done in 3 days it just doesn't seem possible. Either we are missing a trick or just doing the job how it should be done. Don't even get me started on the ones that do it in a day all on site, infuriates me because there is no way the job is done properly, I don't really care how the companies do it or about there working ethics and practises, it is the customers that I feel for as they are surely paying good money and getting a sub standard finish?
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