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ban the banned

Discussion in 'Site Suggestions/Questions' started by ewingpainting, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. ewingpainting

    ewingpainting PPS Craftsman

    What's up with all the banned members on the recent activity? Any way to ban the banned from recent activity. Just looks bad as all, or remove the strikeout. Makes it look like that's all you mods do is ban
  2. ThreadKiller

    ThreadKiller PPS Tradesman Bar Member

    I assume they are bots that have been banned that day. That's how it looks at PT when we do it.
  3. Aggie

    Aggie PPS Master Craftsman

    Thanks guys, Yes that is exactly what it is, we are looking at some levers behind the scenes to see if we can sort something out - it does look like a bit of a cemetery sometimes I agree. Have banned about 80 in the last two weeks, but now tweaked a few things & they don't seem to be able to post, although they register.:sleepingcpu:
  4. MND

    MND PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    You could make it that they have to register before posting and you have to approve them, I know it puts some people off but those serious about joining in will do so.
  5. TradeDecoratingSupplies

    TradeDecoratingSupplies PPS Master Craftsman

    Looking at the strike outs you can tell they're spammers or bots straight away, doesn't bother me, apart from that one poster who had a cracking deal on Viagra, you were a a but too quick off the mark to remove them for my liking :winky:
  6. Aggie

    Aggie PPS Master Craftsman

    Everybody has to register. Nobody can post without being registered & exactly as you said Mike, new members need admin approval before their account is activated - I altered it to this & it seemed to stop the blighters posting their filth. Tim will be organizing their funerals over the nest day or so, whilst me n8 & Rob continue to slit their throats.:coolbubble:
  7. MND

    MND PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    It's a total pain, they just use bots to register and spread spam on open access forums, I used to, it makes some I used to visit unworkable as they have old software that makes it hard to stop it.
  8. ThreadKiller

    ThreadKiller PPS Tradesman Bar Member

    Yes, we have it set up this way on the NGPP forum. New registrants are put in "moderation status" until I approve them or not. And making them fill out a couple quick questions on their profile makes it easy to spot bots and spammers quickly. One question is their city/state location. Check that answer with the ip they signed up from, and boom! Sorry, Toledo, Ohio ain't in the Punjab Province of India. You're gone, next!

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