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Dulux 1400 Lining Paper

Discussion in 'Wallcoverings - and related topics.' started by C4th, Apr 6, 2021.

  1. C4th

    C4th PPS Time Served

    Hi all.
    I’ve got a lounge tomorrow that I’m lining. The guy I’m working for was suggesting Albany lining paper. I put him off this, as the last time I used it, I remember it being pretty awful stuff. Seemed similar in quality to how the “new and improved” MAV stuff went.
    I suggested instead, either Wallrock or Dulux lining paper, as I seem to remember members on here recommending it. He went with the Dulux one because of price.
    Is the Dulux one still good stuff, or has it gone down hill like the MAV stuff did?
  2. Yorkshire Dec

    Yorkshire Dec PPS Tradesman

    I've not hung any lining paper for a good few months, last time I did it was Dulux 1200 and it was fine no issues.
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  3. bitzz

    bitzz Born to fish. Forced to work Bar Member

    I've just done my dining room at home with the Albany 1200 no problems with it.
  4. C4th

    C4th PPS Time Served

    Thanks @Yorkshire Dec. Good to know. Materials change so often these days, that I worry I’m going to get caught out.

    @bitzz. Maybe I had a doggy batch mate. I just seem to remember the joints drying out very quick, and almost having a rough texture to the face of it. It may have been a different paper I’m thinking of though.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2021
  5. greenpainting

    greenpainting Jolly Green Giant Bar Member

    More often than not I use the Albany non woven lining for speed and less mess. Never gives any problems as long as you get it stuck on right and on a nice flat wall the seams disappear.
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  6. C4th

    C4th PPS Time Served

    Do you use ready mixed paste on it @greenpainting ?
    I just seem to remember it blistered a lot and the seams lifted easily. Like I say, it’s possible I messed up or I’m thinking of the wrong paper.
  7. greenpainting

    greenpainting Jolly Green Giant Bar Member

    @C4th yes alwasy ready mix and I've used Wickes own without any issues. It does sometimes bubble up a little but always goes flat when it dries. As long as you butt the seams properly and give the wall plenty of paste the seams should stay put.
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  8. C4th

    C4th PPS Time Served

    @greenpainting Thanks for the reply. That’s odd. I’ll have to give it a go another time and see how I get on with it. Different job, walls etc all come into play I guess.
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  9. jimmyc

    jimmyc PPS Tradesman

    i just did a bedroom recently with the Albany lining paper, and was shocked at how crap that paper is! Soon as i pasted it, the edges were curling up like a goodun and it tore far too easy. I’ve used the dulux one in the past, but i didn’t like the finish on it to be honest it had a weird texture to it? I’ve always used mav for many years with great results it’s a good quality paper compared to some of the others I’ve used fairly recently.
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