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Hall and Stairs

Discussion in 'Showcase - show us your work.' started by Tomdec, Nov 1, 2020.

  1. Tomdec

    Tomdec Veni, Vidi, Vici. Bar Member

    Couple of photos from current job. Ceiling Crown Covermatt, walls Optiva 5 ( customer specification ), woodwork Andura Titanium satin over Caparol halfprimer. Bare woodwork ie new softwood dado, picture rail and skirting was coated with Isomat block primer.

    Attached Files:

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  2. RonyT

    RonyT PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    wish I could see you pics clearly mate. They've come up all blocky like Minecraft.
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  3. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    Same here, images a bit blocky. Pixelated to all you tech fans :biggrin:

    But that Andura is nice and white!
    Looks good still @Tomdec :thumbsup:
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  4. Tomdec

    Tomdec Veni, Vidi, Vici. Bar Member

    Have another go when I get chance. @Wayners showed me how to do it a while back, but I've made a balls of it again!
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  5. Wayners

    Wayners I Taut I Taw A Puddy Tat Bar Member

    When you compress (assume you are using app) don't go so low.. Take pic. Open with lit photo or whatever app you use and try 50% compress. Then upload a file at bottom here. If OK stick with it. If you get a fail try 40%.. I normally go 35-45% as a bit sausage fingers so that is near enough with slider gauge thing
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  6. Jason Gunter

    Jason Gunter Sea Fish magnet Bar Member

    Looking great ,love the contrast
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  7. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    @Tomdec If you are resizing it using Px (pixels) as a size, no bigger than 640 w x 480 h and all will be good.

    I usually do around 580 x 435 ish.
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  8. 2coat

    2coat PPS Apprentice

    You don't see a lot of dado anymore. I do like them, they have a classic look about them.

    Nice colour choices, looks good :thumbup:
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  9. andyfloss

    andyfloss PPS Craftsman

    Nice work @Tomdec. Photo bit dodgy, thought it was moulded trim when I first looked.
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