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Internal makeshift spray booth.

Discussion in 'Spray Painting' started by RonyT, May 18, 2021.

  1. RonyT

    RonyT PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    I got a call from a chippie I know about a customer who wanted a bespoke Media Unit spray finished.
    I went and took a look and the entire downstairs is open planned, not a single wall other than the ones holding up the upstairs. Nightmare situation with regard to fall out, and if you've done this type of thing, you'll know it can be horrid.

    Had a chat with the chippie and we came up with this little beauty, used in conjunction with an extractor.

    Really simple set up. I flopped down floor protection, tape and drapped the ceiling and both side walls, then used 2.4m roofing battons for the base and ceillings (Just a simple L shape).
    He cut struts 10mm longer than the height and we wedged them in. Put a strut wide enough to take a zip door (Yes the eagle eyed will notice that after I'd spent the time masking up the door, I had indeed put it in upside-down ! :blush:)

    Here's the pre-strut stage.

    The fully made structure, with upside-down door.

    The floor protection was newly tried Q1 (more on that in another post)


    This depicts the amount of suction a ventilator can have on poly as can be seen by the bowing inwards. It was also sucking down the ceiling poly. Thankfully it was all secured well.
    It was very well sealed so had virtual negative pressure. It pulled so hard on the poly, it even popped one of the struts ! :shocked:


    This is the booth using the extractor 30 seconds after final spray.
    Zero mist, nada, ziltch. The surfaces dried smooth and no powder deposit or gritty feel that you can get in enclosed spaces.


    The finished unit. Ignore the bottom part as the skirting was being fixed after.

    Great idea and set-up if you get a similar project.
    Last edited: May 18, 2021
  2. crj

    crj PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Good idea mate.

    How do you find that floor protector ?

    Think I may have mentioned it in supercala....saving thread but I've yet to get round to trying it
  3. RonyT

    RonyT PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    They jury is out mate. Will stick up my thoughts.
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  4. Michael W

    Michael W PPS Tradesman

    Great work @RonyT I love the belt and braces approach of using the batons mate superb work. We work in a very similar way onsite for things like this but use the telescopic zip wall poles instead, the batonning looks like a lot more sturdy way of doing it though.

    We usually put a few little holes in the film at the furthest point away from the spray area to help stop the film from sucking in too much, also helps as a bit of a fresh air source too, the holes are only quite small so the air coming through them is far too strong for any potential overspray or dust to escape.
    Last edited: May 19, 2021
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  5. Daf

    Daf PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Nice job fella, I used my zip wall for this exterior, and it snapped the telescopic pole.

    As will says, perhaps a few small holes will allow the fresh air in and stop the sucking, I’m not sure on the Q1?

    Lovely job
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  6. Gazza

    Gazza PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Nice work @RonyT , did you fix the ceiling batons or if it all just wedged in with the struts? Whats your spray equipment there mate, airless?
  7. RonyT

    RonyT PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Cheers all. The booth and extractor made it all feel a lot less stressful

    Nothing was fixed to the ceiling. All the struts were wedged in between the floor and ceiling lengths.
    I then tape n draped the sides and the chippy nail gun fixed the outer lengths, sandwiching the poly.
    Yes it was Airless, GX21FF.
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  8. jimmyc

    jimmyc PPS Tradesman

    Bloody marvellous work there RonyT, and we’ll thought out. Definitely something to consider when permitted. I’ve found out the hard way recently, I NEED an extractor simple as that ( it’s been in my to buy list for a while now ). Thanks for sharing mate, and i look forward to your insight on the Q1 floor protection too. If there’s something out there as good as the Xboard, but a little cheaper? I’m on it :thumbup:
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  9. Richard Beadle

    Richard Beadle PPS Time Served

    What was the spraying process mate? I had a similar job and I struggled getting those cubby hole shelves without getting a gritty finish, maybe I should have had my extractor closer to me, it just seemed that once you started spraying inside them the overspray was concentrated and just blasted out and went everywhere
  10. cpb

    cpb PPS Tradesman

    @jimmyc @RonyT already posted, you must have missed it. Don't know how to attach link, look up q1 floor protector
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  11. Buckers

    Buckers PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Well done @RonyT !:doff:

    Sitting here I'm saying yep no problem that job, but if I'm 100% honest it might have been one of those jobs you look at and give a miss because it's just to much hassle.

    My main concern is always taping up the old decor, what happens if it pulls, I had it happen once on a kitchen respray but thankfully they still had some wall emulsion!

    Did you mention the risk to the client or just crack on?
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  12. jimmyc

    jimmyc PPS Tradesman

    Will do mate, i must a missed that one?
  13. Yorkshire Dec

    Yorkshire Dec PPS Tradesman

    That set up looks fantastic and to a non sprayer who's interested in getting into spraying, extremely complicated. It's like your talking another language to do the same job as I do!
    I'm sure the job is as close to perfect as can be but, and I mean no offense - just genuinely interested, how much better is it than rollered and laying off & do you think customers notice the difference?
    I know I'm going off topic but the bottom line that I'm getting at is, is it quicker and/or more profitable than other methods? I understand if you'd rather not put a reply on a public forum regards profit so feel free to tell me to feck off!
  14. Tomcio

    Tomcio Brush Navigator Bar Member

    So were was the booth incoming air inlet again?:whistle:
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  15. RonyT

    RonyT PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    I'll PM you if that's ok ?
  16. RonyT

    RonyT PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Au Naturale as the Frogs say.
    Incoming air came from the poped strut and a few busted taped seams. :tongue:
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  17. RonyT

    RonyT PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Cheers @Buckers
    At some point they are having the rest re-painted (i'm sure they will give me a call at some point :cool:) which as you can imagine makes you feel easier but I treated it as if they were not, from a leaning point of view.
    Worked out well with the tapes etc. Fossa Yellow didn't pull anything off. :thumbsup:
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  18. RonyT

    RonyT PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Learning, not leaning :facepalm:
  19. Richard Beadle

    Richard Beadle PPS Time Served

    Is it the dreaded mdf ? What products did you use and how many coats etc?
  20. Gazza

    Gazza PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Why dread MDF, better that than some crappy softwood full of knots?
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