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Just been jabbed!

Discussion in 'Take a Break - off topic stuff.' started by mistcoat, Mar 28, 2021.

  1. andyfloss

    andyfloss PPS Craftsman

    Must have been. Was facing away with eyes closed waiting for it to be put in. Next thing I know, I'm being wiped with cotton wool and told there was no bleeding. :biggrin:
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  2. barry

    barry PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Are you sure you heard correctly .... I was told...” bad luck. There is no bleeding tea !”
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  3. Sprayandrun

    Sprayandrun PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Well im booked in for monday the 7th so just need to hide away till then.
  4. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    Had a text yesterday to book for an earlier 2nd jab. Which is nice, but... I have to cancel my already booked slot for two weeks time before I book this earlier slot.

    What if I cannot get an earlier slot or even one that is reasonably local, as I already have?!
    I'll wait thank you very much!
  5. Sprayandrun

    Sprayandrun PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    When it suggested second shots for me (not had 1st) its first option was st albans that must be 25 miles away at least, which is mad as i live in the capital.
  6. deanthedecorator

    deanthedecorator PPS Master Craftsman PPS Painter Bar Member

    Had my first jab a few weeks ago(pfizer).
    No big side effects just a dead arm for 3 days.
    Was talking to a mate at the weekend and he's really wanting them to push for kids to have it...reason being when we were kids his rents were anti Vaxers to the point they refused to let him have his tb jab which ended up with him catching tb when he was a teenager and him losing half his lung.
  7. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    Had my 2nd jab today as a ‘walk-in’ at 1340hrs.
    Didn’t want to risk cancelling the 14/6 appointment and not being able to get another before for some odd reason.

    Still didn’t hurt but I felt it going in compared to 1st jab.
    Let’s see how I feel with this one.
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  8. Tomcio

    Tomcio Brush Navigator Bar Member

    The man who invented mrna vaccine say

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  9. RonyT

    RonyT PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Spike protein has been cited as being a problem, debatable but apparently a problem.
    It goes EVERYWHERE and not localised.

    I'm happy to wait until 2023 when the study of this unlicensed and an emergency Vax are understood.
    I'll wait and make a founded and balanced decision then.

    PS. I am not Anti Vax and have been jabbed with everything else up to date.
  10. cpb

    cpb PPS Tradesman

    Just had my 2nd jab 10 weeks after first, second jab got cancelled but was told I could just to go to walk in clinic. The problem was finding one that did AZ same as first on a weekend, they seem to be dishing out Pfizer more around here now. First time round it knocked me out the following day, just waiting for that to happen again. It may get me out of going to the Mother in laws tomorrow.
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  11. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    @cpb Hahaha, it’ll be worth it for that reprieve :hysterical:
  12. cpb

    cpb PPS Tradesman

    Gonna miss a nice roast but the peace and quiet without the kids is fair trade. I'll just have to put my feet up and watch the olympics I suppose.
  13. Painter16

    Painter16 PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Was taking to me mate in Aussie this morning there all locked down again they carnt get there 2nd jab carnt get the vaccine into Aussie quick enough as they won’t use the Oxford one ,he’s p***ed off with it now told him join the club ,at least here’s more open here at the min
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  14. will

    will PPS Tradesman

    He did not invent MRNA vaccine Tommy
  15. Tomcio

    Tomcio Brush Navigator Bar Member

    I see.
  16. RonyT

    RonyT PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    One of my best mates is in Freshwater (Sydney), and spoke to him yesterday. He’s proper boiling now. Said there is a segment of the community that are causing the problems for everyone. He’s maintained all along that although the Aussie response looked good at the beginning, they were just kicking the can down the road.

    he said it’s turning a bit ugly in some suburbs.
    What say you @coxy ?
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  17. keef

    keef keef Bar Member

    @RonyT i think this is a problem like i have said in a previous post
    when you lock down you do save lives but when you open up unfortunatly the vulnerable in our society will be
    susceptible to the virus again. this virus will have its way in the end
    every country we were applauding before are now going through the same problems with infections
    like i said the virus will have its day until herd immunity is achieved there is no other way this virus is going away until then unfortunatly
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  18. RonyT

    RonyT PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    it’s kind of hard to find out the truth as everything seems to be getting erased.

    I do remember reading a good while ago that he was directly responsible for the vaccine technology platform which is basically the nuts and bolts of it

    What da duck do I know, :dunno:, I just push paint around :biggrin:
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  19. keef

    keef keef Bar Member

    ask your mate @Painter16 kev if he thinks we are in a better situation than they are at this point in time, when they locked down so hard it would be intresting to here his responce no one knows for sure but i think locking down hard has only slowed the down inevitable for the aussies
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  20. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    Did he say who and, would you say on a public area?

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