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Not a complaint - just an observation

Discussion in 'Site Suggestions/Questions' started by daArch, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. daArch

    daArch PPS Tradesman

    WOW, it's tough learning a whole new forum format. I'm so used to using vBulletin, this one is throwing me of balance. 

    I mean just the choices above me as I write are giving me seizures.

    Besides which, I'm old and cranky and set in my ways.

    I assume we can use this section to test functions of all those bottons.

    Like what does THIS one do?

    [move]or this one, what in heavens name does it do. Looks like Pete has been at work here  :hysterical: got one to turn text upside down? [/move]

    [shadow=red,left]OR how about this one, what's it for ?[/shadow]

    I do like the spell check  :thumbsup:
  2. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    [move]This one does what it says on the tin Bill[/move]

    [move]:kiss: We love Bill  :kiss:[/move]
  3. TooledUp

    TooledUp PPS Master Craftsman

    Yeah just call this the play away thread.  It'll let you all play with the new bells and whistles  :thumbup:

    [shadow=red,left]Cool Stuff[/shadow]  :thumbsup:
  4. daArch

    daArch PPS Tradesman

    [move][glow=red,2,300][shadow=green,left]WOW, I could play in this sandbox all day[/shadow][/glow][/move]
  5. TooledUp

    TooledUp PPS Master Craftsman

    [move] :yay:  :yay:  :yay:  :yay:  :yay:  :yay:[/move]
    We need some can-can girl smileys  :biggrin:
  6. daArch

    daArch PPS Tradesman

    best I could find

    [move][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][/move]
  7. TooledUp

    TooledUp PPS Master Craftsman

    Perfect!  :thumbsup:
  8. daArch

    daArch PPS Tradesman

    now with a little animation of missles firing or guns a blazing this might be cool

  9. TooledUp

    TooledUp PPS Master Craftsman

  10. daArch

    daArch PPS Tradesman

    you the man, Pete.

    My mind is now racing, thinking of all the possibilities ........ if I follow through with ANY of them, I'll be the first one to be tossed out the door  :devilgrin:
  11. TooledUp

    TooledUp PPS Master Craftsman

    Btw.  If you want to post a youtube vid, just paste in the embed code from youtube  :thumbsup:

    Ain't Whistling Dixie
  12. michfan

    michfan PPS Apprentice

    I know this is cliche, but I literally LOLed after seeing some of those scrolling thingys.


    My kids were wanting to know what the heck was so funny... :hysterical:
  13. TooledUp

    TooledUp PPS Master Craftsman

    [move]ƃuılloɹɔs s,ʇı ʇslıɥʍ ʇxǝʇ uʍop ǝpısn ƃuıpɐǝɹ - ʇıq pɹɐɥ ǝɥʇ sı sıɥʇ ʍou[/move]
  14. aaron61

    aaron61 PPS Time Served

    Tooled that is 1 funny video. Reminds me of how I used to be on the job. Always singin or whistlin...Those guys probably wanted to push me off the roof :scratchhead:
  15. TooledUp

    TooledUp PPS Master Craftsman

    It's the ones that are loud as heck and can't sing to save their lives that wind me up  :hyper1:
  16. bikerboy

    bikerboy PPS Time Served

    They are hot!  :devilgrin: My future trophy wives!
  17. daArch

    daArch PPS Tradesman

    YAH, some people dig twins, some lucky enough to do trips, but NONTUPLETS, whew. Wake me up on monday.
  18. Timhag

    Timhag PPS Time Served

    [move]Where is NEPS and Vt? Did you guys invite them?[/move]
  19. y.painting

    y.painting PPS Apprentice

    If you guys keep up with the scrollies, I think I'm ganna need a new prescription for my glasses pretty soon...have mercy
  20. daArch

    daArch PPS Tradesman

    [move][glow=red,2,300]S  O  R  R  Y[/glow]  :headwall:  :hysterical:  :notworthy:  :yay:  :yay:  :yay:[/move]

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