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Paint tech course / choosing new airless

Discussion in 'Spray Painting' started by crj, Jul 16, 2021.

  1. crj

    crj PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Just completed intensive airless course at paint academy. Really good and can't praise Pete Wilkinson enough.

    Still find different types of tips a bit confusing but least I have some idea now of what you all talk about on here.

    Pete is very much a tritech guy and would choose them over any other brand. It so happens that they sell tritech and not graco which is originally what I was after, specifically the sprayman frankenstine one - whatever it's called .

    Clearly he pushed me towards the tritech t4 or t5 which are around 1k more than the graco one. Can anyone compare the two for me? I'm expecting the tritech has a better build quality but after lifting both, the graco is a lot more portable and , in case I didn't mention it, 1k less.

    I'm not gonna be caning the machine so really the graco should be fine, plus like the idea a lot of you have one so I can pester you all for tips for when it all goes tips up on the first day of use.

    That said, massive bonus of the tritech is when I pick it up Pete said he'd set it up for me and spend a couple of hours with me whilst I get used to using it. Great offer really and feel I can't really pass on it

    Sorry for long post, any thoughts appreciated?

    Ps will be using it domestically

  2. Gazza

    Gazza PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    They must have some sort of tie in with Tritech financially, its very much aimed a selling the units that you are learning with, but guess principles are the same with both machines, hey, but I'm no expert!
    @crj what did you think of the course mate? Tell me a bit about it please?
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  3. Gary scott

    Gary scott Tradesman Bar Member

    What about one of the pump sprayers you can get from b&q for fences ?? You can strap to ya back like a ghostbuster ????
  4. crj

    crj PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Yeah tried that but hurt my back after a bit mate
    Yeah it was good mate. If you've already used an airless a little bit I prob wouldn't bother tbh. Half of the first day even numnuts here knew most of the stuff. Second day much better as we concentrated on woodwork.

    It's 600 odd notes and 2 days off work so not cheap but I'd still recommend if you're a bit clueless with airless as I was.

    V friendly there and had a laugh. 6 in a group, 3 scousers who no one could understand what they were saying but they seemed to understand each other which was kind of sweet.

    Pete's a very good tutor and it's a good set up there.
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  5. Gazza

    Gazza PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    You go to the Preston site?
  6. 3 spires

    3 spires I like the no nonsense approach me Bar Member

    I have a T5 and GXFF.

    TBF both are very good the GXs are more compact but the T5 is a beast and it's not that large, I know Spraymanuk maybe able to get the Tritech as he got bits for me .

    I have a hopper for the T5 very handy but so is the pickup hose, the control knob is straight forwards and in a better place to adjust than the GX, the only slight negative is the hose isn't as flexible with the tritech but not a deal breaker IMO

    All depends on how you feel about each machine I use both but tend to prefer the T5 as it purs compaired to the GX motor that does go like the clappers, but you do have the advantage of the quick change pumps with the Graco's, if you intend to go AA
    the Tritech doesn't pulse like the GX from what I gather.

    I know SMS previously highly recommended the GX but also sold other stuff in the past of lets say 'not the best' it's all business I guess

    Reliably wise both makes are very good.
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  7. Sprayandrun

    Sprayandrun PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Wanted to do these courses but feel it do a godfather 3 to me " just when i thought i was out they pull me back in"
    As im reducing my decorating work i am resisting but if i was doing decorating full time then in theory these courses are great if they show you how to produce a better finish faster.

    Always wondered (anyone old enough) did the roller reduce rates in decorating.
    As i can see in future people expecting more done and better finish as spraying becomes mainstream.
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  8. crj

    crj PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

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  9. LMDec

    LMDec PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    I think there’s a warranty on parts for ever with tritech which is good. That said I started off with a graco GXFF which is a great starter & will easily do mistcoats/woodwork/whole houses for a long duration if looked after. Great little machine.
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  10. Peter Humphreys

    Peter Humphreys "it's a paintbrush, not a wand"! Bar Member

    @barry and I started when you had to spit charcoal at the wall, (he is brilliant at Bison murals, I did the stick men).
    In the 70s it was just accepted you would be faster with the roller. On the council you got a time to complete the task, by what method was up to you.
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  11. Tomcio

    Tomcio Brush Navigator Bar Member

  12. Sprayandrun

    Sprayandrun PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    @Peter Humphreys i thought it might have been earlier than that.
    Remember a guy
    who use to brush everything (worked on hourly rate so speed not an issue)
    He was in his early 60's so probably around early 80's now.

    Rumour has it @Peter Humphreys and @barry fell out and went their seperate ways after the cave painting as both claimed to invent the first sprayer with the charcoal spitting method.
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  13. Peter Humphreys

    Peter Humphreys "it's a paintbrush, not a wand"! Bar Member

    Well I WAS the first with air assisted!

    We were not allowed the use the roller at the local hospital, until I left and the old foreman retired, as it was the ‘toshers’ tool of choice, all ceilings and walls were done by 6-7” brush. On ward ceilings!,!
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  14. crj

    crj PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    The perfect answer thanks!

    Would you say the t5 is quite a big machine to be dragging round domestic jobs? Say if there's already furniture in the room etc

    Thanks @LMDec yeah that's what I was hoping. The tritech stuff does seem better made, maybe just a bit overkill for a newbie like me
    Whilst I thought Pete was great, I didn't particularly agree with some of his pricing examples, they just weren't relevant for the UK market.

    He referred a lot to Idaho Chris and some videos and pics of him sending a guy with a jet wash down the day before to wash everything down and then his crew would spray the house the next day. He'd essentially do 4 houses in a day. Cladding, windows and front doors etc.

    When have you ever been able to wash a house down then paint it?! More like spend 2 days stripping 1 window, repair caring it , masking it and painting it.

    They have better weather there, far less rotten wood etc etc. Just seemed a bit of a pointless example tbh but maybe he just used it as an illustration of the dosh that can be made. Totally unrealistic over here tho!

    Idaho prices his exteriors by sqm. Just wouldn't happen over here. Looking at some of the houses he works on they're barely even 30 years old and all very similar. I often come across windows that seem like they haven't been painted for that long :headwall:
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  15. cpb

    cpb PPS Tradesman

    I can't speak for t4 as only had gx21. I'm sure it's a great machine and if you can afford it why not but the gx21 will be able to handle everything you throw at it and is really is well built, the price being that much cheaper. The t4 does have a manifold filter on it which is worth adding to the gx but at £145 plus vat from sprayman still comes in much cheaper than t4. Can't see me needing to upgrade in the foreseeable except the gun which I may go for tritech 360 (which comes with t4) which is another £180. Whatever you choose you'll be happy with.
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  16. crj

    crj PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Great advice thanks.

    What benefit is the manifold filter ?

    Must admit I prefer the size and price of the graco. Also like the fact if I bought one off Pete he'd spend some time with me when I buy one but he doesn't sell graco, alas.
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  17. 3 spires

    3 spires I like the no nonsense approach me Bar Member

    20210717_105955_copy_768x1024.jpg 20210717_105942_copy_768x1024.jpg

    TBH not a huge difference until you add the hopper to the T5 I would say picking them up the Graco is ⅓ lighter.

    To use they both do the job, but I know the T5 is better on larger projects sprayed alot of fences with both machines no issue except with blockage issues with the dump switch with the GX as mentioned by @cpb a better filter manifold from Spraymanuk which will sort.

    I know its not a deal breaker but the pressure gauge and pressure control knob is easier to get to to the T5 it's more powerful but at a cost both are great machines and you will not go wrong with either if I was to loose one it would be the Graco close call though.
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  18. cpb

    cpb PPS Tradesman

    It's any extra line of defence filtering the paint. Some people don't worry too much about it and just rely on gun filters but need to be more careful straining paint etc. The gx21 has a v small filter that is awkward to get to to clean out which is why some remove it altogether. The add on manifold filter is much more effective as there is a larger surface area for filtration and much easier to clean out. I have found with just a 60 mesh filter I get a lot less tip blockages than before.
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  19. RonyT

    RonyT PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    @crj - I can't comment on the the Tritech as I've never used one.
    If you do decide to go with Graco there is a difference to the GXFF and the GX21/GX21FF ( @SpraymanUK UK's Frankenstein)
    The GX21 is rated up to a 21 thou tip where as the GXFF is rated up to a 19 thou tip.
    Logically, the GX21 is slightly more powerful so when you are using say a 517 tip, there is less pressure on the pump to perform.
    Whereas if you use the 517 on the GXFF you are nearing the pumps limit and demanding more from it.

    So if you're thinking of a pump where you can switch comfortably from a 517 tip for lids and walls to a 208 tip for trim, the GX21FF would probably suit better than the GXFF.
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  20. Sprayandrun

    Sprayandrun PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Shouldn't read this makes me more tempted to buy one.

    As for washing down sure the nvq book (i'll look up the one if need be)
    Said leave to dry for 2 weeks after pressure washing. Stuck in my mind as i thought no one will do that.

    @crj with the advice about m2 price do a building priced by how long and by m2 and see if their close.
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