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Discussion in 'Site Suggestions/Questions' started by Bobbones, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. Bobbones

    Bobbones PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    WTF are Robots on that thing that says who's online? Are they waiting for us in room 101? :sad:
  2. Colour Republic

    Colour Republic PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    They are search engines mate.

    Basically Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Ask Jeeves (are they even still about?)... and about a thousand obscure foreign search engines send what's know as a 'bot' to 'crawl' a website, this bot then reports back to the search engine what it found. And in turn the search engines use this information to give us mere humans results when we as them to find us a website about 'X' subject.

    It's very much like you looking at a website and then telling your mates about it, although we see all the pretty pictures and it as a whole, where as 'bots' see us like they are in the Matrix!
  3. Bobbones

    Bobbones PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Cheers CR. Scary chit, im off to the kitchen to make a tin foil hat..:oldman:the bots are watching...
  4. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    I'm gonna kick a few of the foreign ones out :whistle:
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  5. Painter16

    Painter16 PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Robots? Hasta la vista baby, I'll be back
    Bobbones likes this.

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