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same stuff , different site.

Discussion in 'Site Suggestions/Questions' started by BrushJockey, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. BrushJockey

    BrushJockey PPS Apprentice

    And same folks. I can't see how this place, aside from being a little looser , is going to do anything but drain off PT.  Who wants to post the same q's or comments at both places when it's the same folks seeing it at both?
    Maybe you should just have this be the off topic stuff, and leave the biz and other to PT. 
    Any real reason to be similar but different that I don't know?
  2. daArch

    daArch PPS Tradesman

    well, there are different toys TOOLS to play with

    And the software is new and exercises our minds  :devilgrin:  :thumbsup:

    But I really see your point. The party is the same, venue been shifted. We nedd new blood..

    This is being touted as an INTERNATIONAL Painting Comunity. It would be fun if there were more euro's, afro's, asians, latino's, and Martians  here so we could get their perspectives on the decorating industry
  3. Timhag

    Timhag PPS Time Served

    For English press 1    :hysterical:  How about the rule of typing english please!
  4. daArch

    daArch PPS Tradesman

    is that better? (two mistakes, jeeesh)
  5. Timhag

    Timhag PPS Time Served

    Not talking race here buddy it's all about the language
  6. Workaholic

    Workaholic PPS Tradesman Bar Member

    I did not read any of that as racist, this is a new side of you Gabe.
  7. johnpaint

    johnpaint PPS Apprentice

    I'm just glad you guy's love me.
  8. TooledUp

    TooledUp PPS Master Craftsman

    You can browse around any trade forum and see the same old posts and questions on all of them, There isn't much any forum owners can do about that because it's the members who supply that side of its content.  There are also many similarities in the type of categories that all of the forums have.  That's because it's the way it is - How can you re-categorize a section to talk about tools or sales? 

    There are a lot of the forum surfers in this industry who are disillusioned with one or more other sites for their own reasons.  These guys wanted somewhere to interact with other people in the industry but couldn't find the right place for them to do it.  We're hoping that this place will appeal to those guys, as well as others who still surf around and also those who might be new to the forum networking scene.  Like Bill says, we're also trying to appeal to a more International audience. I doubt we will get (m)any French, Spanish, Indonesian etc posting on here but who knows?  I'm hoping that at least we'll get a good mix of nationalities who can educate each other on different techniques used around the world.  The type of membership we are looking for is high calibre painters and people from within the industry who are serious about their business.  We're not going to encourage the guy who's been painting with his cousin's best friend for a year and decided to go out on their own, or the guy who's worked behind the paint counter for 15 years and has decided he now wants to set up as a self employed painter - That isn't what we're about.  We're about professionals in the industry talking shop and bettering their business.  Are employees welcome? You bet!  A lot of members are employers and it'd be great for employees to participate here and give an insight into the business from their perspective and I'm sure the employers here can also offer them advice on many issues they might have at work.

    We would also like to think that if somebody has any issues with this site, we will listen to them and try and address it for them.  If they don't want to post it publically then we can do it by PM.  We're trying to listen to what the members want out of a forum.  We've tried to put what we want, and what we think most people want, into it but would love your input if you think we're missing something.  So far we've enabled as many features as we can think of for you to personalise the place the way you want it (see the sticky in the intro section).  If you can think of anything more that you would like to see just ask.  We'll listen and see if it can be done.

    The forums here are in their early days yet.  You might find that this place still has a couple of secrets to reveal once we've all settled in and got comfortable. 
  9. n8r

    n8r PPS Master Craftsman

    I wrote on another forum last night that was an offshoot of another forum we are all apart of that it is great to have the ability to go to different forums (wow used that word alot) and get different "feels" and characteristics of the different forums.  That way everyone can be themselves and enjoy what it is we all do, and get different conversation going at all the different places.

    What I really enjoy this forum for is the fact that we are connected to our brothers (and maybe sisters?) across the pond.  THAT blows PT away right there.  I missed Tooled and always enjoyed Mist on the board.  Was a cool deal to get to interact with them when they were on PT.  NOW we get to do it all the time, plus who DOESN'T like to hear how other people use their slang?  IMO I think it is cool to hear/read different talk from around the globe  :jester:
  10. n8r

    n8r PPS Master Craftsman

    And yes John  :kiss:
  11. RCP

    RCP PPS Tradesman Bar Member

    I too am curious to see how this is different, you all know how much I love technology and new stuff!
    TU, I know how much you and others were frustrated with "non professionals" being on PT.
    What is the bar set here? Who decides and what standards will you use to control membership?
    To me, this is the double edged sword, if you restrict membership to a certain level, you run the risk of choking growth.
    You will have a core group of smart, successful painter/owners, which is a good thing! If you can afford to provide a private club, kudos!
    I think having new guys come on the boards and be able to learn from the "old dogs" is not such a bad thing. 
    The hardest part (to me) seems to be drawing that line.
  12. TooledUp

    TooledUp PPS Master Craftsman

    Chris, we're not so much bothered about quantity as we are quality.  Everybody gets sick of the guys asking very basic questions and know they aren't painters.  That's the kind of thing we don't really want.  There's always going to be a borderline and I think you have to judge them on a case-by-case basis when that crops up.  Usually it's pretty clear cut.  Wherever possible we would discuss the members position with us between ourselves and make a decision on that.  I think that would only be fair.  I've heard the old clich? that everybody has to start somewhere but those who do want to start should take up some training in the correct environment, which isn't training on an Internet forum.  Sure, they can browse the site, learn a lot of stuff from what they read and gain knowledge.  that doesn't make them a good painter.  It's only hands on experience that will do that. 

    The idea of this place is to be focused on new and old materials and their best applications, learn and share business skills and overall promote good business sense and standards in the Industry.  Having inexperienced guys mingle in with all that would only confuse those aims as they are the people who are learning their skills at the expense of their customers, which goes against the grain of promoting excellence in the trade. 

    I know other forums tolerate the butchers and chefs who decide they want to be a painting contractor because their mom said they made a nice job of her dining room.  That is their decision to have those policies for whatever reason.  If we took the same viewpoint then all we are doing is encouraging lower standards, giving the industry a bad name and in a lot of cases, probably taking the bread and butter out of the businesses around his area by working for peanuts.  That can't be in the interests of of our Industry. I don't condemn anyone who wants to get into this trade.  I wholeheartedly encourage it.  I would offer anyone the right advice and tell them they need to get a job with a reputable painter and learn the correct way. I would also encourage them to read around the Internet forums.  There's a mountain of knowledge out there for them to gline.  I think we've (regular forum contributers) all learned a lot from what we've seen posted on forums and the likes but it isn't the place to learn the practical skills.

    Sheesh, I hope that wasn't too long an answer  :hysterical:
  13. TooledUp

    TooledUp PPS Master Craftsman

    Oh yeah, one more thing.  You've got a 70 pivate message allowance on here compared to some other sites that only give you 50  :sarcastic:

  14. n8r

    n8r PPS Master Craftsman

    OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!  :yay:  Tooled you got Karma..  :bubblegum:
  15. Waggz

    Waggz PPS Apprentice

    Plus it seems like over here Gabe has let us in just a little bit on his stash of smilies. :yay:
  16. TooledUp

    TooledUp PPS Master Craftsman

    Would you be more excited if I told you that moderators have unlimted pm's?  :biggrin:

    Just don't let it get bigger than the forum itself eh?  :devilgrin:

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