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Some Recent Work - Loweswater

Discussion in 'Showcase - show us your work.' started by DerekHessett, Dec 1, 2020.

  1. DerekHessett

    DerekHessett PPS Craftsman Bar Member

    I still run the Graco 495 High Boy - 9 years old and was serviced last year still going strong. For furniture I use the 7 meter hose and hopper far less wasted material 308/310 FF tips.

    for everything else I run 100ft of hose and 515 for emulsion work. Once that sprayer packs in I will probably go down the Tritech T5 High Boy route
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  2. Basilbrush

    Basilbrush PPS Apprentice

    Impressive,looks like the punters have some refined tastes,great work.:thumbsup:
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  3. ahenrypd

    ahenrypd PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    If it ever packs in. :smile: Built to last.
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  4. White Spirit

    White Spirit PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Lovely job that! Love the papering :thumbsup:

    How come you used Helmi for spraying and Aqua for the woodwork. Do you prefer it to Helmi for brushing!
  5. DerekHessett

    DerekHessett PPS Craftsman Bar Member

    I prefer Helmi for furniture. Seems to be very tough after its fully cured hasn't changed ever since I first used in years ago.
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  6. Gary scott

    Gary scott Tradesman Bar Member

    @DerekHessett tgats class

    That dark paper looked. A challenge
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  7. Peter Humphreys

    Peter Humphreys "it's a paintbrush, not a wand"! Bar Member

    Wow!! Interesting angles in the room with the sloped ceiling, with such a bold pattern.:thumbsup:
  8. DerekHessett

    DerekHessett PPS Craftsman Bar Member

    Shutters back on after there prime coat. New hinges as the old ones were 150+ years old they broke whilst removing them. The worst of the panelling was burned off today :spew: 4 hours just for the panels and some skirting! Absolutely hate it but sometimes all the best sanders don’t touch it. Went over it all with the DEOS and 120 on a foam interface then coated with Haftprime ready for filling tomorrow.

    67D3C865-2843-44D8-AC56-EF9A3005D17F.jpeg 2AB3E5F5-F251-4746-9884-BD63190872D7.jpeg 1626707D-0D41-4BA0-9A8F-A411632F57C7.jpeg 96D359FE-B53D-4BA8-A141-8736D41713DA.jpeg
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  9. RonyT

    RonyT PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Ooooo. Just bought, yet un-used, Staal's box set of sashes.
    How did you rate them and where did you use them for ?

    P.s. No wonder you stopped for the pic in No 3! Look at the mountain.
    Wowsa. What a great place to work.
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  10. Hang it all

    Hang it all PPS Craftsman Bar Member

    Really classy work that :thumbsup:
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  11. YTS 83'

    YTS 83' PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    A great job going on there! Lots of variation & all done to the highest standard.
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  12. DerekHessett

    DerekHessett PPS Craftsman Bar Member

    Very lucky to work and live in the lakes.

    I bought the Pro Hybrid sash 2022 set and a few of the same in 1 1/5”. Brilliant brushes as my go to is the Blaze and these are up there with them :thumbsup:.

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  13. Gary scott

    Gary scott Tradesman Bar Member

    And saving money on work kettles
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  14. DerekHessett

    DerekHessett PPS Craftsman Bar Member

    Have about a hundred 3L clean Tikkurila pots of helmi :coolbubble:
  15. crj

    crj PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    So did writing that post by the looks of it :friends:
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  16. Buckers

    Buckers PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    What a great project to get your teeth into.
    Sometimes our trade can seem dull but on jobs like that where you are doing everything from burning off and spraying through to papering, it can give a great sense of pride in a good job well done!:thumbsup:
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  17. Robjames92

    Robjames92 PPS Tradesman

    Nice work is that
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  18. grumpyvandriver

    grumpyvandriver PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    That’s cracking Derek !
    Nice to see clients allowing tradesmen to show their skills .
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  19. Craig-B

    Craig-B PPS Apprentice

    Wow that is a great job tone on, the rewards go completing the job to a very high standard is clear to see, well done on a cracking job :thumbsup:
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  20. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    Hello @DerekHessett Nice to see you back on PPS pal!

    That is a fantastic project you are sharing here. I bet you have enjoyed it so far.

    If I had those mountains out there looking back at me like that, I'd be gone for a couple of days each week.
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