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The Official Poor Workmanship Thread.

Discussion in 'The Pit Stop - General Paint Trade Discussion.' started by mistcoat, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. Colour Republic

    Colour Republic PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Although this one always made me laugh.

    It was a bathroom that we got called to that some cowboy had just finished. There was nothing for it but a full strip out and start again

    hmmm... that toilet doesn't look right


    ohhhh I see it's where they plonked it on doubled up 2x2's! to try and get fall on the waste


    All well and good if you're 8ft tall and keep very still, but completely pointless if you decide to use expanding foam to join the soil pipe


    I mean what the hell did they think would happen?
  2. feva

    feva PPS Craftsman

    The builders (bespoke builders) couldn't understand why I won't touch it till he ripped it off! That wood filler in mastic tubes, then when that ran out went on to silicone, I did think when he came back to site he was going to try & swing for me, if someone can tell me how to upload videos il put one up of his attempt of filling a hole in a roofing job he did
  3. Colour Republic

    Colour Republic PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    To be fair to them, it's certainly errrrr... bespoke
  4. handypainter

    handypainter PPS Master Craftsman

    Bloody hell that skirtings rough CR :omg: and the toilet bodge..........speechless :omg:

    Private message on its way :thumbsup:
  5. mikethebrush

    mikethebrush PPS Master Craftsman

    painter will get over that lol

    I mean how hard can it be the painter does it then charges me a fortune I will save myself some money by prepping it for him

    rant over
  6. chris spence

    chris spence PPS Master Craftsman

    i know whos work that is :whistle:hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehhehehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeehhehehehehehehehh:hysterical:
  7. Fingers

    Fingers PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Dumdumdumdumdumdum,,,watch out theres a builder about dumdumdum watch out there a builder about..you better watch out....theres a builder about dumdum-dum Daaaaaaaaa......

    'Builder' according the the Oxford English dictionary..

  8. Colour Republic

    Colour Republic PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    uh oh!!!! :blush: Taxi!!!!

  9. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    You're not a builder.
  10. Oregandec

    Oregandec PPS Master Craftsman

    Be safer sat on here!:jester:

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  11. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    I think I have now seen everything!!! :scratchhead:
  12. feva

    feva PPS Craftsman

    just spoke to the customer who the builder did the skirting for and he ended up doing some work the next door neighbour, who wouldnt be warned about him, shes had a garage built, and loads of work inside, and the roof tiles lifting off and powered washed and put back on, they were doing some work to the ridge tile area maybe just down from it, i didint really look, they were doing that when i was paint the outside of the skirting board customer, this wasnt finished at the end of june and since then they havent been back to finish it, just left it covered with blue tarpaulin till we had the nearly rain two weeks ago, when surprises surprises it rained in, so they turned up and fixed it with silicone! all round the ridge tiles!!!
  13. feva

    feva PPS Craftsman

    the video is now here

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  14. handypainter

    handypainter PPS Master Craftsman


    Words fail me :angry:
  15. feva

    feva PPS Craftsman

    I'm half tempted to get in touch with trading standards, the neighbour is gluten for punishment, she been warned and warned, she even knows my mam and deceased family friend so I thought she might just listen to me but no joy
  16. AndyClassOne

    AndyClassOne PPS Master Craftsman PPS Painter Bar Member

    Had a phone call today "We've seen your van parked round the corner and were wondering if you could pop round and have a look at a problem we've got with some paper that's coming off the walls".

    Off I toddled to have a look and it turned out to be the biggest, ugliest, cheapest load of tosher chite I've ever seen in my life :omg:

    Big old Victorian 3-story terrace and they'd had all stairwells and landings and the hallway and lobby stripped and lined after various bits of building work. The clown who'd done it had done zero, that's nothing, zilch, nada, prep. The walls were just telegraphing the whole story: He'd stripped the old paper off, chanted abracadabra at the walls so the crap would fall off on its own and the filler would magically do its own stuff while matey was having a brew, then started slapping up the lining. The dec had done all the stripping (three stairwells, two landings, hallway and lobby) and managed to hang a wall and a half in a day and the HO was gobsmacked when I told him that I would estimate there was a week's work for two blokes on the prep alone, going by what I could see of the state of the walls.

    Apparently the builder had assured the HO that his bloke was a "very good decorator, knows what he's doing" but I seriously beg to differ. Every seam was butted right up tight and every seam had sprung and it honestly looked as though matey had thrown a bucket of sand onto every wall before starting to hang. It looked like a bloody mountain range !

    This is the best bit: The HO had had the builder back to have a look and the builder had told him " the paint will dampen the paste and those seams will stick back down. Nothing to worry about. It was just a really hot day when it was done so the paste dried a bit quick."

    You could also see where our pro decorator had had a go at sticking the seams down, where he'd used a shovel to ram a load of paste in and then rubbed it over with his size 10, or could have been a brick, both would give the same effect.

    The HO, bless him, was a bit clueless, suggesting things like lining over it again and him and his wife were nearly in tears when I told him that it wasn't possible to remedy it and it all needs to come off and be redone.

    He's asked for a quote to redo it and I think he might be in tears again when he sees the quote. The builder's not returning his calls so I suggested to the HO that he seeks redress through the small claims court. I also got the builder's name to put in my little black book of people to watch out for.

    It's soooooo annoying and frustrating when you see some trusting poor sod having been ripped off big style like that.

    Unfortunately no photos because I didn't think at the time, but, if I get the job, I will take photos and bung 'em on here.
  17. Colour Republic

    Colour Republic PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    I haven't even finshed reading yet but... :hysterical::hysterical::hysterical:
  18. handypainter

    handypainter PPS Master Craftsman

    Excellent post Andy :thumbsup: and I really hope you get the job :yes:
  19. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    Yeah, win that job, Andy. So we can see the photo's and the HO can see how it should have been done.

    Good luck!
  20. AndyClassOne

    AndyClassOne PPS Master Craftsman PPS Painter Bar Member

    Thanks guys :thumbsup:

    The quote went in the post this morning so I'll let you know the outcome.

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