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The Official Poor Workmanship Thread.

Discussion in 'The Pit Stop - General Paint Trade Discussion.' started by mistcoat, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. MrHarriDec

    MrHarriDec PPS Master Craftsman

    Imagine how the house looked before it was de snagged :lol:

    I would probably have been tempted to sort that door out at the other side. I mean by piecing a slither of timber or MDF between the stop and the edge of the door lining to pack the latch side out. And then chop the keep back in rather than taking the door off.
  2. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    How long have you been doing this, CR???
    That is obviously an expansion joint!
  3. handypainter

    handypainter PPS Master Craftsman

    When I first looked at it briefly I noticed the hinges were cut very deep into both door and frame so much so that I thought I could pack the hinge side out enough to compensate for the gap at the latch side. The way its ended up the hinges are slightly proud of the door but nicely flush with the frame. You can't notice it anyway :thumbsup:

    You wouldn't believe it but the property was originally built in the wrong place and had to be knocked down and rebuilt :omg: this is by Wainhomes :rolleyes:
  4. MrHarriDec

    MrHarriDec PPS Master Craftsman

    Blimey, it was doomed from the start. Named and shamed. :smash:
  5. Ngeraghty

    Ngeraghty PPS Master Craftsman

    I think and I could be wrong but it looks like a one pence coin
  6. Dave the Decorator

    Dave the Decorator PPS Craftsman

    long finger too
  7. MrHarriDec

    MrHarriDec PPS Master Craftsman

    Horrible finger. Looks like it belongs on the end of a gargoyle.
  8. stevewestern

    stevewestern PPS Craftsman

    Only just started to read this thread so here are a couple of examples of the high class workmanship I used to have to deal with in South Kensington - one of the richest parts of London.
    This flat was renovated by some big name contractors who left it ready for me to decorate - rewired and plastered.
    No filler was needed, and all cables were concealed neatly behind some boxing. All rubbish was cleared from the site, and I'll spare you the picture of the toilet that needed countless bottles of one shot before finally being removed and replaced, as well as the drains rodded....



    Not tried posting pictures before so lets see if I followed Handypainters tutorial properly...
  9. FreshDecorators

    FreshDecorators PPS Craftsman

    Holy moly, you're joking right?
  10. MrHarriDec

    MrHarriDec PPS Master Craftsman

    That looks pretty damn nasty Steve, we do some work in South Kensington too.

    It seems that electricians are totally incapable of chopping boxes into walls these days. I have an electrician I use on domestic refurbs that uses a Hilti chaser connected to an extractor (almost dust free!) and cuts perfect chases every time. I think every electrician I've seen on site uses an angle grinder, a blindfold and a sledge hammer.
  11. Puma

    Puma PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    That is criminal. Did you end up boxing all that in and replastering.
  12. stevewestern

    stevewestern PPS Craftsman

    The funny part was that there was an electrical fire soon after those pictures were taken....!

    In the end it was all ripped out and started again, but mainly as the damp treatment had failed as there was no waterproofer put in the render.
    The flat took over a year to be finally sorted and the last I heard there were still problems.

    One of the electricians who worked on the job was there second fixing while I was prepping and he managed to wire up 2 ceiling roses and a socket front in an 8 hour day and his company were charging him out at £45 an hour back in the mid '90's.

    The most interesting job I did in that area was opposite an escort agency office though I didn't know that at the time - being slightly naieve I used to see these beautiful girls in the office so would wave at them - later on I discovered by chatting to one what they did. They were charged out at £200 an hour with a minimum of 6 hours, and after 24 hours the charges became negotiable. Man, I would want a bucket-full of viagra to get my moneys worth at those rates, but they were some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.
    Anyway, one day I had to break into a top-floor flat to repossess it and change the locks. Me and a young office lad went along and the door was eased open and I called out to check that no-one was in the place.
    All seemed quiet but the end room had the door closed - I knocked, opened the door and found one of the girls sleeping, or rather just waking. She was rather alarmed until she recognized me then she got up, wearing only a thong and proceeded to walk around, gathering her things as I explained why I was there in my best Spanish (she was Brazilian, and had one too !).
    I couldn't keep my eyes off her, and to this day regret keeping my hands off, though I imagine she would have laid me out if I had...
    The office boy was standing outside on the landing unaware until she walked out, fully clothed but looking a million dollars. I seem to remember walking out with some difficulty..
  13. Lee

    Lee PPS Craftsman

    They speak Portuguese in brazil..........you could of samba'd with her! :sarcastic:
    (Sorry couldn't resist:thumbsup:)
  14. stevewestern

    stevewestern PPS Craftsman

    ..which is maybe why I was so tongue-tied..!
    I can cope in Spanish, but Portugese has lots of 'shh'-ing sounds that I have never got my head around, and with an almost naked model-like woman infront of me I was struggling to keep my tongue in my mouth.

    As for me doing a samba - you have clearly never seen me trying to dance.
    In fact, no-one ever has ....
  15. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    ... and not necessarily in that order either :biggrin:
  16. MrHarriDec

    MrHarriDec PPS Master Craftsman

    I think they are also the tools used for second fixing :lol:
  17. handypainter

    handypainter PPS Master Craftsman

    Dopey Designers and Terrible Tilers

    What used to be the a coach house for a rectory has been used as a holiday cottage for a few years and is currently being upgraded to cater for high end visitors. This place is right out in the sticks, beautiful spot :yes:

    There is an interior designer form up country who decided that everything in the place is to be painted white :rolleyes:, which makes the place look schitt, and then she is going to do some amazing things with furnishings and stick a surfboard on the wall and stuff (this place is at the the top of a valley amongst beautiful north cornish countryside, it is idyllic)

    Anyway, just returned this week to do a bit more and finally remembered to take some photos of one of the bathrooms that winds me up everytime I walk past it. I won't mention why it winds me up that an interior designer wanted this, or the fact the tiler hadn't even tried to level the wall prior to tiling, anyway, what do you think :whistle:




  18. Designanddecor

    Designanddecor PPS Master Craftsman PPS Painter Bar Member

    I'm sure it will be fine when they put the silicone round it!!!!
  19. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    ... and the void either end of the bath is a great idea. Good place to store all your bog roll.
  20. AndyClassOne

    AndyClassOne PPS Master Craftsman PPS Painter Bar Member

    I had a call to go and see a house that had just been bought by long-standing clients.

    Almost to the top of the stairs and I grab hold of the banister rail. The whole assembly moves sideways by about 2" and one of the spindles falls out :scratchhead::omg:

    On closer inspection the spindles were just glued, with something akin to Copydex, between plain rails: no grooves, no infills, no mechanical fixings :dunno: I haven't yet investigated what's holding the newel post in :dunno:

    The spacing also varies dramatically from spindle to spindle (not obvious from the photo), with the largest gap about 8". Building regs states (I think) max. 150mm (6"), or about the size of a young child's head, and the new householders have got three-year-old twins......:omg::omg::omg:

    Needless to say, another job on the list.....

    Electrician came couple of days ago, replaced the old Wylex fuseboard and found that the new RCD on the ring (yes, that's ring singular, one for the whole house) wouldn't stay up. He works his way through every socket and switch in the house until he gets to the boiler supply and finds the earth and neutral connected together. Work that one out....:scratchhead:

    The whole house is full of evidence of bodgery and me and the sparky came to the conclusion that it was either DIY at its worst or another reason to :machine: the local Bargain Pages "handyman".

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