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The Official Poor Workmanship Thread.

Discussion in 'The Pit Stop - General Paint Trade Discussion.' started by mistcoat, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. feva

    feva PPS Craftsman

    She had come down to teesside while he was doing the work, try to charge £250 for 1 coat of emulsion in her frontroom, even though she stated 2 coats and supplied all the materials!
  2. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    Nice bloke then :no:
  3. feva

    feva PPS Craftsman

    part of the problem is finding a decent local tradesman, if they cant find one local they have to get one from Inverness which is a 4 hour round trip!
  4. dimmaz88

    dimmaz88 PPS Master Craftsman

    I went to view a rental house in need of decoration, this is what I found. Novel idea but I doubt it would keep the damp out for long. Just when you think you've seen everything:smile:

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  5. handypainter

    handypainter PPS Master Craftsman

    :omg::omg::omg: that has to be a first :omg:

    But was it the landlord or tenants that did it :rolleyes: I feel sorry for the tenants though :sad:
  6. Ngeraghty

    Ngeraghty PPS Master Craftsman

  7. dimmaz88

    dimmaz88 PPS Master Craftsman

    I've no idea, either way it's ridiculous. I'm just trying to put a quote together for the whole house, its a nightmare. There seems to be mould on every wall!!!
  8. Mrnork

    Mrnork PPS Time Served

  9. Painter16

    Painter16 PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    That's the worst I've ever seen.did some work for a old lady she had walls in lounge skimmed and ask me to paint them.when I looked at them I asked her if Steve wonder and Ray Charles had skimmed them they where that bad.told her get them back to put right no joy so i had to do myself.found out they had done a weeks course got a nice certificate to say they were a1 plasterers.went to see one of them in a pub i was told he was in.tryed to ask him politley about the work he told me to f- ck off mind me own business.i left because his mates were as rough as.felt very sorry for the old dear not nice anybody being ripped off like that
  10. Dirty

    Dirty PPS Tradesman

    I'm working on a new build at the mo, doing the first ever redec since it was built. It's not the worst pic on this thread by a long shot but it did make me chuckle.I think the chippy drilled the hole for the handle while the door was still wet, and when the painter notice he just added more paint :oops:

  11. dimmaz88

    dimmaz88 PPS Master Craftsman

    My builder mate was telling me about a "decorator" they had on a job he was on. He charged about £1000 for painting out a new build, 4 bed detached.

    What really got me was the fact he seized the walls with flake paste before using vinyl silk everywhere.

    It took him ages too, my mate reckons he would of been on about £20 a day in the end.

    Wonder if they've had him back since:smile:
  12. Painter16

    Painter16 PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member


    Blimey must have been on the whacky backy :hysterical:
  13. mistcoat

    mistcoat Colour Changing Cowboy Staff Member PPS Painter Bar Member

    He might be on here so watch what you say :hysterical:
  14. DecoratorDan

    DecoratorDan PPS Tradesman

    Illl take pictures next time im in my grannys house and i will put money on it being one of the worst papering jobs yous have ever seen
  15. Dazzip

    Dazzip PPS Time Served

    I bought my own place last year,

    When we viewed the house the owner said " nothing needs done son ive done it all myself im good with my hands"

    Skirts upside down in spare room.

    That is 1 of many things wrong with this house.

    The guy had also fitted the bathroom himself the year before.
    I wish i still had the pictures to show you.

    After 3 month of living hear the flexi pipe came loose while we were at work which flooded the whole house.
    Full bathroom had to be ripped out including the floor. Insurance paid us well tho now i have a brand new bathroom :biggrin: :biggrin:

    Now idea what this is for?

    Maybe the borrowers once lived here?? This door is between bathroom and main bedroom. So maybe while on the toilet you could open the door and still talk to the misses.

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  16. DecoratorDan

    DecoratorDan PPS Tradesman

    Upside down lol
  17. feva

    feva PPS Craftsman

    i just finished a job yesterday but forgot to take some pics last deccie who did the kitchen, did a feature wallpaper but didnt start from the middle, so the last drop behind the kitchen door was near enough full width but at the other end it was only 6 inchs, then when i stripped the feature paper off it was crossed lined but the top sheet was 10 inch wide and again it wasnt like he had started in the middle it was just a case of that will do
  18. Ngeraghty

    Ngeraghty PPS Master Craftsman


    Just started a kitchen today, thought i'd have a quick look round once the builders went home
    2.5 million pound house I believe

    Came a cross this beauty

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  19. ryu

    ryu PPS Tradesman

    RE: Stunning

    builders on the brushes.. quality!
  20. pd67

    pd67 PPS Master Craftsman PPS Painter Bar Member

    RE: Stunning

    Are they trying for shabby chic or maybe just shabby

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