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Window repair

Discussion in 'Showcase - show us your work.' started by handypainter, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Liz E

    Liz E Repair Care Wizard Vendor

    Yes, of course Rabarts too
    Always forget them, as don't think we have them up north!
  2. josephandson

    josephandson PPS Time Served

    Hello J&S
    Not sure where in Ireland your based?
    But last month when I was in Belfast there was talk of Ulster Heritage looking to specify the Repair Care system, although concerns were raised due to the lack of trained contractors there
    So, I would think there is some market - but a lack of awareness of what can actually be done sympathetically and cost effectively

    Belfast :yes: A dream would be to work there. I live and work around 4 hours south west in Roscommon. I am surrounded on all sides for about 50 miles by farms (I paint a lot of hay sheds). The phrase I hear most from my customers is, "Sure lash that up, won't it look grand." If my reply is, "No, are you blind." The job goes to some bloke down the local for the price of a few pints and a steak. The cities are different to a degree. But I live too far from any of them to make it pay, advertising and diesel etc. I've worked for millionaires round these parts who would rather set fire to their house than pay me enough to paint it. Sorry for the rant. I look at the pictures here and dream of working in Belfast :notworthy:

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