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Yet another one! {clock dial}

Discussion in 'Showcase - show us your work.' started by Aggie, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Oregandec

    Oregandec PPS Master Craftsman

    Job well done sir, a pleasure to look over your shoulder at the various processes, skills and tools at work, all tied together by your wonderful talent! Beautifully finished job!!
  2. handypainter

    handypainter PPS Master Craftsman

    Great showcase of some of your skills Aggie, it looks fantastic and reading your method is inspiring :doff:
  3. bagshot

    bagshot PPS Master Craftsman PPS Painter Bar Member

    Fantastic work Ag, makes me feel very humble, great step by step guide. I never get bored of your methods and skillset, how the hell do you price a job like that ?.
  4. steveh

    steveh PPS Master Craftsman

    There is always that line between Conservation & Restoration,the results speak for themselves.. :thumbsup:Great Diary Aggie ..loving the Blue Dial.. ..sometimes it is not always about the money.. They should , but seldom are..the rewards are being able to ply your trade and skills ..puts your mind in a good place..your work echos that :winky:
  5. mick partington

    mick partington PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    quality :doff: to you sir.
  6. Aggie

    Aggie PPS Master Craftsman

    Yes, usually the line or mantra is 'minimal intervention' however, that is the trouble, what IS that line? It has different meanings to different people.

    There are so many hats to wear doing something like this & in each process, I find you have to ask yourself so many questions & explore all possibilities, bordering on obsessive pedanticsim, before you actually take action.

    However, too much of it can send you mad & not actually produce anything. Fortunately, I have a bit of maverick in me & broad shoulders to take on the responsibility to see it through. In that respect, I have learnt lots & as you quite rightly say, that is the reward. The other 'reward' is to pass on what I have learnt. I was once told, the quickest way to learn is to teach.

    I felt that I did both, conserve & restore. I saved as much of the original material as possible, the glass, the copper dial & part of the lead etc. so conserved that. Also, conserving the design in many respects, like the way it was made. I concede to using my own artistic licence to add my own interpretation, thus making an addition. Is that right or wrong?:dunno:

    So conserving, I have also fallen into restoring the dial at the same time - restoring to an earlier time. It may have looked like this originally perhaps.

    Bureaucracy hinders many creative craftsmen these days, one of the most ironic examples that touched me, was in
    The Palace of Westminster - the chapter house. The eight windows have an inscription at the bottom of each one. The first starts out saying, that the monks employed the best craftsmen to start the build, it the went on to the second & subsequent windows saying that the building housed & became famous etc because of the kings & queens, then it went on to mention the politicians, academics & eminent people of note. The seventh window mentioned how it was all bombed during the war, then the last window said something along the lines of, we all turned back to the finest craftsmen to rebuild.
    So, it starts with craftsmen & whatever rubbish you get in between, it will always end with craftsmen putting it right!! So maybe, it should be just left to the craftsmen to deal with it all:dunno:

    Anyway, as regards to pricing, you have to think through & break down the processes & materials involved to get to a small & separate price for each, then add each one to get an overall price.
  7. steveh

    steveh PPS Master Craftsman

    Great reply ,not many get the chance to do as you have done from start to finish ,without all the Bureaucracy and interference of what is normally involved with that type of project... certainly Broad shoulders, a strong pair of shoes for kicking things and a tight lips help:biggrin:
  8. MattEvs

    MattEvs PPS Tradesman

    Very nice work Ag and a great read, what was your inscription underneath the dial?

    :doff: hats off to you sir, would love to spend some time with you at some point
  9. Aggie

    Aggie PPS Master Craftsman

    One thing I have learnt over the years with committees.........you never ask a committee, you tell them.

    I put something like 'St Firmin's church, North Crawley clock dial. Designed, made & fitted by David R Agnew, craftsman decorator, Newport Pagnell, 27th September 2013' occasionally, I draw round my hand with the inscription in side it, but forgot on this occasion.
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  10. chester

    chester PPS Master Craftsman Bar Member

    Just seen read yr clock job....timeless:notworthy::doff::doff::doff:

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